Call Somebody She Scoffed

Awhile back Grumpy's blogging partner wrote about why it's always best to hire someone to do some work for you. Basically it's for sanity's sake and to keep from murdering your spouse.

During our recent storm we had a lot of crap that just stopped working. It could have been coincidence but still our surround sounded ended up dead as did our wired desktop in the basement. It refused to connect when all other devices in the house had no problem.

I tried to call tech support about the computer first then found out our phone line was down too so I used my cell phone. First I get a guy that has absolutely no intuition or computer knowledge at all, he's basically typing in what I say and waiting for an answer. Unplug this, plug it back in, run upstairs and do the same with the phone. He was clueless so I gave up. Ok, had to call someone about the phones and two days later, the drop in the alley was repaired and we had the phone back. Back to tech support. I got the smart guy this time, he walked me through several steps, recommended I buy a new ethernet cable which I did; it did not help. Another call to tech support and he basically told me I had a bad ethernet port. Sigh.

In the meantime we found a new surround sound on CL and I was very confident that my husband and I could hook it up. We placed the speakers, got them hooked up to the receiver just fine. Feeling good, we tried to attach the hdmi cables to the TV, Cable box, and receiver. It sorta worked but still couldn't get video while playing a dvd. The audio sounded great though. We were happy we had gotten that far....and with no arguing. We tried again the next day to no avail and then the arguing started. He decided to call Comcast to have them come out to hook it up. That is pretty much a thing of the past. The foreigner said no, my husband insisted and she reluctantly set up an appointment but not before getting him to order a internet kit so we could 'bundle' our services. How in the Hell did that happen? He hung up on her. Despite getting three reminders about an appointment, no one showed up. But our new internet kit-that we didn't want in the first place-showed up, and I sent it back the next day.

Back to the computer. I didn't want to lug the heavy tower a few blocks away to a repair shop so called a guy on CL; not the same idiot I have dealt with before. He was pretty clueless too and concluded it's either the router itself or I need a new network adapter. Another call to Comcast brings out a new guy who was very helpful and there were actually problems in the wall plate and a wire outside so he fixes them for no charge. The Kid's boyfriend worked on the surround sound and took out all the cables we did not need but couldn't get the back speakers to work.

Hubby calls another guy to come out to work on that and I decide to do a hard reset (suggested by the computer guy) on my router. I call my isp provider to help me set it back up. He gives me wrong settings which results in no wifi at all. The guy that was working upstairs figures out the back speakers are not going to work at all but he does call my provider and got my wifi back in order. Still the computer will not connect. That visit cost us 100 bucks.

So we had a total of 5 guys over within a week and as many more on the phone, and we are still don't have back speakers working. I think we are out of people to call and I call it quits. I guess calling somebody is the right call, but you just have to figure out the right guy to call; and it helps if you only are dealing with one problem.

Then there is my Husband who says the very next day "I called this guy........"


Grumpy said…
And the tech companies have us at their mercy.
Peruby said…
Oh kden, what a nightmare.

Other devices are working over the wifi (phones etc...) just not the tower?

If so, then yes- purchase a new wi-fi adapter. Open it carefully so you can return it if this is not the case.

If possible get a patch cable (ethernet cable) and connect the computer directly into the router. There should be a port on the back - mine has 4 available plus wi-fi. And there should be a port on your tower.

If you go this route and do not know how to set up the network connection with cable e-mail me at

Goog luck!
kden said…
Peruby, the tower is already connected via ethernet to the router, so that's why it's most likely the network adapter.
fernvalley01 said…
oh yikes! I am lucky in that when I was drowning in the useless tech support I made a comment on FB and my honorary niece who happens to work for the internet provider opened a can of whoopass on someone and suddenly I had more efficient service than I could handle! Wish I could send her to you
Mr. Shife said…
Oh man. Been there done that. Hope everything gets resolved one way or another for you guys kden. I used to have a lot of confidence in my tech abilities back in the day but nowadays not so much. Kyle needs to grow up fast so he can take care of this stuff for me.

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