The Newest Toy

I'm starting to think like I'm the guy that needs a new car every couple of years. Except for me, it's a new device, gadget, toy, etc. Oh and that I'm a girl too.

I totally blame my Kindle for me getting me into this last purchase. If you own a Kindle you are offered limited time offers which are at a huge savings. That's how I got my Soda Stream for 20 bucks earlier this year, and a new coffee pot for 75% off just last week. You can also sign up for texts alerting you of the upcoming sale. Items are offered at different times of the day so it's unpredictable.

I got the text about an Acer Chromebook and although I had no idea what it was, the price tag of 59 bucks (200 regularly) made it sound favorable. The sale was to start at 3:00 pm and when I finally got home at 3:45 and was able to swipe my kindle to see the ad, they were all sold out. I still checked throughout the night to no avail.

I was so bummed and looked at that Chromebook longingly. It had everything I needed but mostly a hdmi port which my laptop does not. Our daughter's computer does and we're able to watch HBO and Netflix movies with hers through our TV when she's home. But you know she will be going back to school this fall and Hubby and I will need to fill that void.

That was my selling point to him so we went in together and bought one. It's so awesome! I got it setup in under 5 minutes; basically all I had to do was turn it on and sign into my Google account. All of my bookmarks, passwords,  and everything I have put in the cloud are there.

Other than the HDMI there are 2.0 and 3.0 usb ports and a card reader. Everything I need in one tiny little 2.8 lb package. All apps are web based so they don't take up space on the machine itself and keep it running fast. And I just found that I can speak my searches and get spoken results. Oh Geez, I will never be lonely again! Just me and Mr. Google, we got a thang going onnnnn. 

I'm really looking forward to taking it on vacation so I can show you all of my awesome pictures like I know you've been waiting to see! 


Grumpy said…
You are living proof that targeted advertising works.
Claire M. King said…
Look at you, miss trendy. Your daughter ain't got nothin' on you.
Mr. Shife said…
Awesome kden. Nice purchase. Looking forward to seeing all of those pictures. Enjoy your weekend.

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