I'm Either Losing It Or.......

.........some ghosties are messing with me. I've had three incidents in the past week that are making me question my sanity; well more than usual anyway.

A few months ago I had bought my Mom a present for her birthday. Since it was a few months away yet I just put it on the floor in the corner. There's a certain spot I keep all the stuff I need to take to her so I know exactly where to find them. It was time to wrap it recently and I had found a cool piece of burlap to wrap it in. I put the burlap on the stove and then went to grab the bag with the present in it. Gone. Not there. I looked everywhere and asked everyone who lives here. I was beyond pissed after all that searching and decided to just skip it and look for it later. I went to the kitchen to put the burlap away and there was the bag I had been searching high and low for. For the life of me I don't know how it got there, no recollection at all of me putting it there.

Then the other night while I was fixing dinner, I had just about finished my favorite seasoning salt and wanted to add it to the new bottle I knew I bought four days prior. I looked in the spice cupboard more than once and another cupboard more than twice. I was spinning around the kitchen like a wild woman and was just about to ask my hubby if he knew where I might have put it. I started to grab something off the stove and there it was just sitting there...mocking me. I can't believe I would have let it sit on the stove for 4 days and not remember it was there or be able to see it the first time around.

And then.....one night I had something in the toaster oven outside and I grabbed my oven mitt out of the drawer to take it outside. I got distracted for a second but then couldn't find the mitt and I knew I took it out of the drawer. A few minutes later, where did I find it? Yep, on the stove.

So what is it with the stove? Maybe it's just the convenient place to put things.....or there's that ghost theory. Either way, if I ever can't find something, the stove is the FIRST place I'm going to look.


Grumpy said…
Welcome to the club. I once walked around the house looking for my cell phone; the whole time I was talking on it.
Mr. Shife said…
Sounds like your stove is a magic portal. Maybe start putting some money around it and see if some other money magically appears. Have a good one, kden.
Claire M. King said…
Sounds more like you have a lot on your mind. I search for stuff, look right at it and still don't see it.
fernvalley01 said…
weird! I had a similar "run around the house searching so something right in front of me "yesterday, so maybe we both have ghosts lol

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