I Am So Glad......

......That the high school across the street is out for the summer. It's so much quieter around here, traffic is lighter and I can now go pull out all of the garbage stuck in our rock wall and know it will stay clean for awhile.

......That our daughter is so anal, especially in the organization area. We brought home at least 10 boxes and more stuff from her dorm. She unpacked each one, organized them, and repacked what she could, and put the boxes back in the basement ready for their trip back in three months. As we were ready to check out her room about 11:00, the boy in the next room hadn't even started. He had until noon to be out, or be fined. I imagine his Mom was not happy. My youngest stepson was like that, probably still is. After his graduation from school in Florida, he hadn't even started packing and we had a plane to catch and get his stuff shipped. Of course his Mom ranted but she still helped him pack (hmmmmm, could that be the problem?) I did not lift a finger because I've been through this before with him, totally screwing up everyone else's day just because he wasn't organized.

......That my oldest stepson and his wife are considering finding a house on our end of town instead of 30-40 minutes away. They just moved into an apartment after the lease ran out in the house they were in, so soon they will be looking for a home to buy. They were asking Hubby about the middle and high school our daughter went to. That would be so awesome!!

......That other than being old, our dog is in pretty good health. She does need her teeth cleaned but our Vet said being old is not an excuse for not doing it. I must remember that for myself.

......That my teeth are finally feeling good. I'm only taking my usual Advil at night just for general old age and achiness. I can chew anything and only have minor hot/cold sensitivity.

......That our daughter got another good financial package for this fall. She got a 3K scholarship from the school and they may double it because she ended up with a cumulative 3.62 gpa for the school year. We won't know until late summer though and whatever they add will reduce the loans. So it could possibly be another debt free year!


fernvalley01 said…
Sounds like all good news! Yay!
Claire M. King said…
I'm soooo glad you have soooo much to be glad about.

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