Dressing The Not So Modern Man

This was my Husband and his youngest Son's conversation via text recently regarding his upcoming wedding. I'm sure he was put up to it by his wife-to-be.

Son: So what are you wearing to my wedding?
H: I was thinking nice slacks and a shirt because my suit doesn't fit.
Son: You know you can get suits taken in pretty reasonable if that's the problem.
H: It being too big is not the problem.
Son: Well you do know there is a rehearsal dinner and the reception to think about too.
H: I was thinking about a Hawaiian shirt.

Conversation stops. My Husband thinks a Hawaiian shirt IS being dressed up. Apparently the Son's wife-to-be does not think so. The conversation resumes.

Son: You really should get a suit.
H: Well maybe a sport coat?
Son: That will be fine.

So one fine Saturday out we go. We do live close by a Men's Wearhouse but we wanted to start somewhere else. No luck at Khol's. No organization at all on how the suits are hung. We asked for help. 'Sorry it's such a mess, I will pass that along to my manager, and thanks for asking for help.' But she still walks away without helping us. Basically the Men's department is like crap and you're on your own.

On to JCP. Better organized and good sales going on. Although finding a good price is key, the fit is the hardest. Remember the little childhood song, "I'm a little teapot.........." Yep, that's my Husband. A little more stout than in the past, but still just as short. An inseam of 29 would be best but sometimes he can swing a 30. But a waist of 42 is very hard to fit, as is a jacket of 48 short. That's what takes us the longest. He did find a gray sport coat in 48 regular and gray pants too. Not an exact match but the salesman said if it was a sport coat, it was acceptable. I swear I feel like a hayseed when trying to find men's clothing, they seem to have more rules than women for what is acceptable. I picked out the shirt and tie and I think they look pretty good together.

I'm sure he will find one event to fit in that Hawaiian shirt though. This is another reason I'm glad I'm not going. I would have the same problem finding something to wear. I have not worn nylons or heels in years, am also short and stout and would end up looking like someone's chubby Grandma. Wait, I am someone's chubby Grandma, but still......

But it's over and done and I hope the Wife To Be appreciates our time and effort. Hubby better get a hug.


Peruby said…
Very well done! Bravo!
Grumpy said…
Looks good to me. Did I miss the story about why you're not going? I'm sure it's a doozy.
Grumpy said…
Oh, those greys work together just fine.
kden said…
I think you missed it; basically it will be soon after our vacation and paying 300 bucks to board Nellie with a stranger. I can't pay another 200 to do that to her again so soon. It's a good excuse and I'm sticking to it.
Claire M. King said…
Your hubby looks fine. I am sorry you will miss it.

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