What The Hell?

Our neighbors, the messy ones, got a new van recently. And this is what they did to it. It sure brightens up the neighborhood, dontcha think? It looks like a cross between the Scooby Doo and the Partridge Family vans. I guess there could be worse things to look at and they are cleaning up the yard more and more. They've been adding grass seed and watering more and planting some bushes. So I'll just go with it.

I'm hot, and not the sexy kind of hot. Just plain hot. I am not a full out summer lover anyway, but have never felt like this before; it just feels different, like it comes in waves. I have a feeling I'm heading into those wonderful Menopause years. You know you're hot when your elbow pits sweat, so freaking gross.

And OMG my allergies are the worst they have ever been....ever. I'm thinking maybe I didn't have a cold at all but just a full-on allergan attack. I just want to scratch my eyes out and Claritin doesn't really work at all. So I got some Zyrtec and it makes me feel loopy but a little better. I just hope whatever is blooming will hurry up and get over with it. I found this cool website, pollen.com, where you can search by your state and city for the local pollen counts. It doesn't make you feel any better but at least you can see what the level is and what is bloom at the time.

My attorney Stepson and his attorney (don't hug me) fiance are getting married in Sept. It will only be about 3 weeks after we get back from vacation and spending 300 bucks to board our dog.....so I will be staying home. I can't do that to her again so soon. It really means a lot to our daughter to be there so just her and hubby will go. I'm not so sure that he really wants to go either but I think he should. They both just seem to be in their own little world and we have hardly heard from them in the last year. In the receiving line the new bride better wear a sign that says "I don't do hugs", or she will get a coupla hundred of them. And I'm hoping that we will be joined by a certain daughter's boyfriend for Thanksgiving so we can say our table is full and have no room for people that invite themselves, tell us what to make, and then un-invite themselves at the last minute.

As an undergrad, my daughter has to register for classes at a certain time on a certain day, only after they have already visited their advisor. The day and time came to register for Fall classes and I hadn't heard from her so inquired on her success. No go, she said, there seemed to be a hold on her account and she had to see her advisor. She said she left a message because they weren't open yet. My daughter freaks out just as much as I do, but she's not an 'action' person. She plays by the rules and waits. I on the other hand am a 'screw this!' person and gets things done. I told her to get her butt down to the office because no one would call her back in a timely fashion and she wouldn't get the classes she wanted and could even screw up financial aid if it was a bad enough hold. Then I decided to take things into my own hands as any pushy Mother would. I was hold on one line and repeatedly calling her advisor. The advisor finally picks up and I tell her the dilemma. She said "Andddddd WHO is this?" I'm thinking, oh we are going to rumble lady. When I told her, she said that the kid was sitting right there and she would talk to me later. Shit, busted. She blamed it on the 'system' because after a student sees their advisor, the hold is supposed to be cleared, and it wasn't. So one click of someone's finger and it was fixed and she was able to register. She did miss out on one class she wanted but found a good substitute. I think she would still be waiting for that phone call if I hadn't been the impatient one that I am. When the kid called me after she had left the office all we could do was laugh for about a minute straight until we got our composure back. I haven't had a good laugh like that in a long time so will end this post on that upbeat note.


Grumpy said…
Seriously, you have to torch that van.

"I don't hug"? I'll give that marriage 3 years.

I'll invite myself for Thanksgiving and actually show up.

kden said…
I'll put a plate on for you. Hubby asked the son if we had done something wrong b/c she doesn't come in when picking up the kid. He said she's uncomfortable with his hugs. Even my stoic brothers will give out a hug at Christmas :-) That's what family do!
Mr. Shife said…
That van is horrible. I think the only way I could enjoy that atrocity is if I dropped acid and those days are way behind me. Hope the allergies and the hotness let up a little bit for you, and glad the daughter got school squared away. Way to go, kden. I enjoyed that little anecdote as well.

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