Wax and Rings

My daughter and I have an obsession (within reason) with Diamond Candles and JewelScent. Both of them sell wonderful smelling soy candles with rings in them. Think of it as a high class Cracker Jack box. I bought her the first one for Christmas from Diamond Candles as well as one for me. The rings that are from both companies are valued anywhere from $10-7500. If they are of higher value you find a token in the candle and you send that in to receive your ring along with an appraisal.

I think I like JewelScent a little better for a few reasons. They have a variety of products whereas the other place only has candles. JewelScent also sells bars of hand soap, aroma beads, and body scrub. Plus you can pick your ring size and check the worth online.

I bought myself and my daughter's room mate some beads and her another candle. Between us both we have 5 rings. I think they're all valued at about $30.00 from what I've seen on their Facebook pages. But that's OK, it's still fun and they make great gifts. What girl doesn't like a surprise ring in a candle?

This is a combination of our rings and we trade off often. I've got quite a few compliments when I've worn them. So come on, do something nice for your lady friend OR yourself and buy a fancy Cracker Jack Box!


Claire M. King said…
I never heard of these gift giving candles. Interesting. When I saw your blog title, I thought you would post about a toilet problem and needing to replace a ceramic throne, therefore, the title referring to a toilet's "wax ring." Ha!
Glad it's not that.
Anonymous said…
I think I like jewel scent better as well..I think their candle labels are a tad classier (but diamond candle labels are probably more fun younger girls) and I feel like their rings are classier too! I just wonder If their appraisals from the codes are accurate?? It'd be interesting to see!

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