Is Love In The Air?

With my Daughter being boyfriend-less I always tried to reassure her that she would meet someone when she least expected it. When her first quarter of school started she started crushing on one guy who lived a floor above her. Alas, he was not interested but they're still friendly.

When Spring quarter started she started talking about this guy in her math class and she was amazed at how much they had in common and she liked talking to an 'adult'. At 18 I guess she really doesn't see herself as an adult. One day he brought her a list of books and movies that she might enjoy all from the same genre (sci-fi, fantasy). When I saw that I knew there was more to it. I mean, a guy does not hand write a list of ANYthing just to be nice. He was interested in her but I don't think she got it yet.

When she did get it, she balked, mostly because of the age difference between them. Ok gulp, it's 9 years. I've always trusted her judgement though. She became an observer at an early age, watching before joining in anything. She feels people and situations out before jumping in. But she wanted to know what I thought about it and I told her she was an adult now and free to make her own choices but I was glad that she still cares what I think. I then had to remind her of her Dad's and my age difference (12) and her Aunt and Uncle (9, with her being the oldest). And our neighbors are 25 years apart! That's a bit too much for me.

The week I wasn't feeling well I suggested that maybe he could bring her home instead of me fighting traffic to pick her up downtown. He was all to happy to do it and wanted to meet us. I thought he would just pop in to say hi and leave but he ended up staying for 2 hours. We just sat and talked like we've been friends for a long time. The next weekend he brought her home again and stayed till 9:00 so we had to break him in on our Friday nights of popcorn and watching Deadliest Catch. In those two days I probably got to know him better than my own soon to be daughter-in-law. We found out that she is uncomfortable with 'hugging' and that's probably why she won't come over anymore. Whatever. She's marrying into an Italian family, what does she expect?

He reminded me a lot of our friend Scott, maybe that's what made him so likeable. And he is likable. He's half Italian too, and his name is the same as Hubby's and his Mom's name is the same as mine; funny. His dad works at the college and the Kid actually met him before starting in the fall when she was talking to him about photography. He's kind and respectable towards her and he likes us; that doesn't happen very often, ha. Oh, and he has a pet duck named Ed. He just moved to an apartment right off campus and she already has a key.

He's got to be 6 feet tall and she's barely 5, but they are so freaking cute together. I'm really happy for her and I have a feeling that very soon she might not be coming home as often. And just when I was getting used to the way things were, sigh.

It's kind of hard not hearing from her as often but this is what I wanted for her; to get out and meet people and find her independence. I'm just feeling a little more of a loss than I already was, and it will take some getting used to. Time truly does march on....


Mr. Shife said…
Awesome to hear about your daughter, kden. I'm very happy for her. It does happen when you least expect it and I'm glad she found a guy that you like because that's really, really important. Take care.
Mr. Shife said…
And Happy Mother's Day to you.
Claire M. King said…
I am excited for her new venture in life and love. The Kid doesn't seem to take things lightly and she seems very smart and cautious. Good for her. If this is meant to be a true relationship, be prepared mom for things to go great and see the light in her eyes when it goes well. but be prepared to be there if it wasn't meant to be and become the shoulder for her to cry on.
I am sure you already know this and I am sure you'll be amazing for her no matter what her need is.
Happy Mother's Day.

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