Good Teeth, Bad Teeth

At least one of us in the family has a good teeth story. My daughter, finally after 3 years got her braces off a few weeks ago. Logistically it was a little challenging but we pulled it off. She brought a bus into town and I picked her downtown and got her to the appointment. After the braces were off, she had impressions taken for her retainers. We had a few hours to kill before we picked them up so hubby took us out for lunch. Back to the office they put the retainers in and the bottom one didn't fit right. She couldn't wait for it because she had a 3:00 class so back to college we go and I dropped her off just in time.

The next day we had to repeat the whole process, except I had to have her back by noon. It was frustrating to have to go back but now they both fit well and she won't have to go back for two months.

Now for the bad teeth part. I went to see my dentist one more time so we could make a final decision on what to do next. He did more tapping, poking and used my favorite torture device, the frozen tool. The one crowned tooth that we thought was the most bothersome didn't seem to be. But the other one about sent me to the moon with pain. So that's the one he decided to do a root canal on. They scheduled me only two days out, maybe so I wouldn't back out.

The night before, my Mom tells me that every tooth my brother had a root canal on had to be eventually pulled. Uh thanks Mom.

I was so freaking scared, only hearing horror stories. The procedure itself isn't that long but he was doing several root canals at the same time so I was there a total of 3 hours, a most unpleasant time. After all the numbing was done, they shoved in a bite block and a rubber dam. Talk about feeling trapped and claustrophobic! I felt nothing, but the sound of the drill is the worst, going through the crown and then the tooth. And he used another thing that I didn't know the name of, but I knew what it was doing! It was slowly going up and down into the canals, making a low whirring sound, and it just made me about want to jump out of that chair. I couldn't suck down the Nitrous fast enough! He told me that parts of the root were dead so it's a good thing I had it done.

I was home by 5 and was able to eat dinner and my pain is getting a little less everyday. He said at the worst I would feel 50% better and I guess that's how it's turned out. I really don't think I will ever be pain free, and have estimated I have taken over 200 Advil in the last 6 weeks. I still have one more crown to go but am going to wait until the end of summer, or later. There has been no pain at all with that one and I'm not so willing to jump in and start the cycle all over again. And I hope I never need to have another root canal but at least I'll know what to expect and won't be so totally freaked out. Maybe.


Clinton Zelman said…
I think stuff like that really do happen for some reason. But no matter what, there's always something that can solve them, right? Also with regard to teeth, wherein the problems tend to be the most immediate, but nothing that can't be solved with dental work that will aim at the core of said problems.

Clinton Zelman @ Doug Smith DDS
kden said…
Really? Spammed by a dentist?!?!!?!??! And not even in my own state or city? For one thing your grammar is bad and you make absolutely no sense. If you're going to spam people, at least sound intelligent enough for a prospective patient to want to visit you. After the day I've had, you're lucky I was this nice.
Grumpy said…
Does that guy troll the internet looking for posts about dentists?

Every tooth of mine that had a root canal later had to be pulled anyway.
kden said…
Uh, thanks Grumpy...are we talking weeks or year?
Anonymous said…
And to offer a different perspective: I've only had one root canal, but I still have the tooth. It's never given me any trouble in more than 20 years.
Mr. Shife said…
I haven't been to the dentist in a little bit and I'm worried about what he or she might find when I do go back in. Your experience will not help me get back in that chair anytime soon. Hope you are feeling a little better. Take care kden.
Grumpy said…
Several years later, probably 10-12, but still lost them.

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