Farewell To Biscuit

Almost three years ago I had the pleasure of having a guest author by the name of Biscuit fill in for me one day. I'm very sad to report that my little friend had to be put down recently.

Just from what I saw on Facebook, she hadn't been eating and losing weight. I saw her and Curtis drive by that day and thought, "Nice, Biscuit gets a car ride today!" I didn't know she wouldn't come home. Neither did they though. The Vet concluded that she was in a lot of pain and although he didn't really say what the problem was, I just assume cancer (he told me later it was, very aggressive tumors in her throat). So although Curtis got to say good-bye, his wife did not.

She was always my favorite out of the bunch. Our yard was the first one she would run to when she escaped. She was so friendly and just wanted some lovin'. I would give her treats through the fence and scratch her head. When I was in the kitchen I could see her peeking through the slats at me. It broke my heart that she had to live her life behind a 6 foot tall fence.

Her housemate Teddy passed away peacefully in their yard a few months ago so that only leaves the three little ones. It does seem to be a lot quieter now. I did this collage a few years ago from pictures I took during one escape; back when Nellie, Teddy, Biscuit (and the Kid) were all much younger. Nellie is now the old timer of the 'hood at 13 1/2.

I will miss her, she was sweet and deserved a better life. And I wish I had been able to give her one more scratch on the head.


Grumpy said…
Sorry to hear about Biscuit, but at least she doesn't have to endure living with assholes any longer. Here's hoping she's in a better place.

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