Cleaning Out

As Mother's Day approached I was looking for a simple recipe so we could take lunch to my Mom's. I knew roughly what I wanted to make and just had to go through a few recipe books. As I looked through the books, there were so many I had saved over the years but never made. I just started tearing them out. If I haven't made them by now, I never will. I have lo-carb recipes, Curves recipes and my latest diet recipes. I have a book that a friend had published and very old recipes of my Grandmother's. There is a Betty Crocker book being held together with a rubber band. Why? We have two kids recipe books I bought for my daughter hoping to inspire her to start cooking on her own; she makes one or two things over and over. I do have my favorites that I will keep but the rest were thrown away.

I like to cook from scratch and always enjoyed fixing a big Sunday meal and then having left overs during the week. But now that the Kid leaves so early on Sundays that's kind of a moot point. I rarely fix a starch for dinner for Hubby and myself, so just meat and vegi's are getting awfully boring.

Maybe after doing it for over 35 years I'm just tired of cooking, period! I can see why empty nesters or older folks just go out to eat or resort to frozen food more often. That's 35 years of planning, shopping, and then cooking. If I ever get inspired to cook something special, it's so easy to find something online. There's not even a need to print it off unless I would want to make it again.

I wish I could find someone to cook for me for the next 35 years. I guess I'll just have to wait for the retirement home.


Mr. Shife said…
Good luck, kden. I can relate to feeling unmotivated in the kitchen since I have to do a lot of the cooking in the household for the kids and wife. Some weeks it's lots of pizza but I found some inspiration from watching shows like Chopped on the Food Network. Have a great weekend.

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