Almost 5 Weeks Later......

.......and I'm still having dental pain after having two crowns put in. Seriously, this can't be normal. I've seen my dentist twice and a doctor once. My dentist has X-rayed, tapped, poked, and froze a tool to place on my teeth to gauge how quickly the pain starts and subsides. If it was just the one crowned tooth I would understand, but it's also a totally different tooth on the bottom. When one starts to hurt, the other jumps right in too. It's like he's having sympathy pains for his friend.

I've had three major surgeries in my life, one being a c-section, and none of those have ever caused me this much pain. And to make things even more fun I caught a cold and with a sore throat, I didn't know which hurt more. Also with allergies attacking me, my eyes feel like orbs of fire. My whole head is just one big ball of pain. I'm exhausted, physically and mentally. Some days I feel like a bullet to the head would actually bring relief. I go to bed in pain, wake up in pain and take pills all day long just to keep it at bay.

My dentist is conservative in his approach but still is talking root canals and/or crowning the other. This while I still have one crown on the back burner to do. I told him I can afford to do ONE procedure so we better pick the right one.

Someone commented in a previous post and said this would all be worth it. I'm not feeling it. All I know is that when I went in I had no pain at all. I realize that the underlying problems are what's causing this pain now and it's not his fault but I wish I had not gone at all.


Grumpy said…
It sounds like they should have done a root canal first, before putting a crown on. In my opinion he should put you on antibiotics immediately.
kden said…
I've already been on a round of antibiotics after seeing a doctor a week after the crowns; made no difference :-(
Peruby said…
You will probably never hear a dentist say this,but a lot of time dental work triggers pain in the trigeminal nerve area.

I hate to be somebody that brings that dreaded subject up, but if you are in pain - I would look here.

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