The $3,100.00 Day

The day for my dentist appointment had arrived. Nervous but ready to get 'er done I arrived early. As I sat in the chair I was reminded how uncomfortable they truly are and remembered that someone had mentioned a pad they can place in the chair. So she kindly brought me one. I then had to remind her that I had ordered the Nitrous so she had to go get the machine. She found a nose piece that fit; a bright pink one that smelled like fruit. I take it that only kids want the Nitrous? Then I noticed that it was way too hot in there and asked to have a window open or just turn the damn heat down. I can't stand being overly warm in a place where I can't move around, I feel like I'm suffocating. So finally I'm all comfy and drugged up and have had my shots. I wish I had my phone in my pocket I would have taken a selfie with my pink pig nose, sunglasses over my glasses, no make-up and now numb face with a goofy grin.

The dentist comes in and wastes no time. He is the only dentist and has about 8 rooms, mostly full of people. He hops around from room to room so works fast. He starts shaving the two side-by-side teeth down to fit the crowns. The sound and smell is horrible. I can feel chunks hitting the back of my throat. Geez man, leave me something!

Oh wow, then I felt some pain and my arm flies up. Another shot is administered, right in the roof of my mouth. One tooth is cracked almost down to the root and he tells me later that it may need a root canal down the road if the crown doesn't hold it. After the crowns he does the small filling to repair the cracked enamel, piece of cake. Then he realizes that the next one to work on has been mis marked and it's really on the right side, not left. He then has to give me another shot without any topical anesthetic. Holy crap, I felt my toes curl.

It was fascinating to watch him build the crowns on a computer screen using 3D imagery. Once they are to his satisfaction he sends the images off to another room where they are built right there in the office. When they are done and buffed off, a girl fits them, one works and one does not. So he comes back in to do some adjusting to my tooth and the crown. Finally they are cemented in place and 3 1/2 hours later I am ready to go. I use my new Care Credit card to the tune of $3100.00 bucks which works out to be $885.00 an hour. Oh boy, I missed my calling.

He said I could eat whatever I wanted, even popcorn the next night. I did but it was not easy, it took me an hour eating one kernel at a time because my mouth would not open that far. That is NOT the way to eat popcorn.

After the shots wore off that night, the pain set in. It was way beyond uncomfortable. I took Advil and went to bed only to have to take more during the night. That was my routine for an entire week with the pain getting worse and worse. I was also having sinus problems which was probably the stem of my pain. When my sinuses are bothering me, my teeth hurt. They feel like they're being randomly electrocuted so I really couldn't tell what was dental pain or not. Finally I went to my regular doctor and although no infection was found, he gave me some antibiotics.

Maybe this is what I need
Yesterday there was still no change so I went to the dentist's office and he was kind enough to see me. He took an X-ray of the tooth and said it looked good and that the jaw muscle can take up to 3 weeks to heal from being open so long. My next appointment is next Thursday so I better start feeling better soon so I can go back and do it all over again. Thank God it will only be one crown, oh and another 1,000.00 added on to my credit card. Sigh.


Grumpy said…
Remember, dentists are the guys who didn't have the grades to get into med school.
Mr. Shife said…
Wow. Glad it went reasonably well for you, kden. I am not a big fan of the dentist but I might have to stare Kyle that way for a profession based on the numbers you provided. I missed my calling too. Take care.
Claire M. King said…
It will be worth it.
fernvalley01 said…
oh yuck! I am terrible about dental work, my cousin is my dentist and the kindest guy I know and I still hate going. Hope you fee better

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