None Of Our Own

My younger brother who is 50, posted a picture on FB with his wife and her baby Granddaughter. His wife is almost 10 years older than him so she has a full grown son with a family now. That got me to thinking that neither of us kids has our own Grandchildren. We only have them by association through our spouses.

Younger brother never thought he was father material so never had his own kids. I'm not even sure he likes to be called Grandpa.

My older brother has a 37 year old son who has been married a few years. His wife loves her Nieces but voices that she really doesn't want kids, or maybe is just not ready. They just moved to Portland where he is a bicycle part salesman. He travels a lot and they both bike and love the vagabond lifestyle. My older brother only has Grandkids because his wife's step-daughter has children. So he is even more removed than us in that department.

And of course I get my Grandkids from my Husband's oldest son. I don't think of them as step-grandchildren though; never have. But I don't think I will ever have my OWN. Our daughter is very adamant that she doesn't want kids and it makes me sad. I didn't want kids either for silly reasons like not thinking I would be a good Mom or I was worried that a kid wouldn't even like me. But all of those feelings vanished of course and it's the best thing that ever happened to me. She won't say why she doesn't want them; I just hope it's not for silly reasons like my own.

I know I love my Grandsons and my Brothers might feel the same way about theirs (I think that little girl will grow on my younger brother). But I wonder if as we all get older, they wish they had their OWN like I do.

And that doesn't even bring into play that family names and lines will now end. Our own family name will not go on if my nephew does not have children. That family that immigrated from Norway will end its lineage. Thankfully my Husband's name will live on through his two Grandsons. Families are more blended now which gets confusing too and hard to trace back.

So for now I shall happily brag about what I've got; this is the youngest Grandson on his 1st Birthday recently.


Grumpy said…
I don't have any of my own either. Both of my grandchildren are step-grandchildren, but like you, I don't think of them that way.

Your daughter has a long time to change her mind. A 30 year old woman may feel much differently than a college freshman.
Mr. Shife said…
Great pic of the little man enjoying the cake on his big day. I didn't want kids either and looked what happened to me. =) When your kiddo meets Mr. Right she might change her mind. Keep the faith, kden. Enjoy your weekend.

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