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After watching an entire season of True Detective like Grumpy suggested, I had withdrawal and had to find a new favorite show I could watch on my Kindle. I had been seeing the series Veep advertised for awhile and thought I would give it a try. I am so totally hooked on it now. I had a lot of catching up to do because they just started the 3rd season, but I just love Julia Louis-dreyfus in this role. It's like The Office but with a lot of F-Bombs. And it gives you an idea on just how comical politics really are.

My daughter gets her braces off next month. After 3 years she is more than ready. We'll make a nice day out of it. First the appointment, then lunch, back to the office to get her retainer and then I'll get her back to college for her last class. She might be a bit late but it will be worth it.

I'm also very proud to say that she has got through her first year of college being debt free; that is a very big deal! Since she has something similar to a 509 college fund, the money has to be sent directly to the college. So every quarter I would send them enough to result in a refund back to her and she paid back her unsubsidized and subsidized loans. It would be nice if that would work for us in the coming 3 years. And......she made the Dean's list again and we're going to an awards ceremony soon. I'm getting used to having her away, but very grateful that she still comes home for the weekends. Sunday nights are still quiet and lonely but I'm coping.

My dog totally cracks me up. She doesn't bark when she wants out and only scratches the door when she wants in. Since my chair has the best vantage point of the back door I end up being the one to let her out. The other night she went to the kitchen to get a drink and I kept looking up but couldn't see her. The next time I looked up I saw her head poking around the corner as to say "Well?" I wish she would bark or something instead of making us all guess what she wants. "Does she want out? Is she hungry? Does she want treats? I don't know, you go find out." So what does any sane pet owner do? We ask her what she wants, but she's not talking.

My first dentist appointment for most of my work will be on Thursday. I'm a bit nervous about it. He will do two crowns, filling in the chipped porcelain, and replace a few fillings...maybe. I really lost track of everything he will be doing but it will all be on the left side. He wasn't pleased that I declined his suggestion that I get a night guard for my teeth grinding. My reasoning? I don't grind my teeth. He seemed to take it very personal and said people that do, don't know they do because they're asleep. Really? I've been married 30 years and have never been told I do it and now that I wear earplugs, every sound within your head is magnified 100x so If I was grinding away it would scare the hell out of me. So I'm going to keep my 325 dollars whether he likes it or not. And I will be using nitrous oxide, please and thank you.


Peruby said…
We did the True Detective season, too - because Grumpy told me to! :)

Now everyone keeps saying - When is season two starting?

I told them maybe Woody and Matthew won't even be in season two. Who knows?
Grumpy said…
If I told you two to jump off a roof, would you do it? Woody and Matthew will not be in Season 2. Every year will feature new detectives. After the criticism about the lack of women in the show (other than dead ones), I'm guessing one of next year's cops will be female.

Dean's List and no debt. That's a perfect outcome.
kden said…
I just might if you told me to; it must be a good idea :-)
Peruby said…
Maybe I would. Is money involved?
fernvalley01 said…
Your daughter sounds like a wonderful girl! and smart! As for the mouth guard, I had one because my hubby grinds his teeth, which apparently makes me clench mine(eyeroll) long story short I wore it about twice, couldn't stand it and woke with a headache one morning, the next woke , couldn't find it, apparently I took it out rinsed it and put it in its case without waking up. So... nope not ffor me
kden said…
Funny story Fern! He grinds his teeth and you get the mouth guard?!
Mr. Shife said…
I watched True Detective in 3 days after we got HBO again for Game of Thrones. Good stuff. I like Veep too. I'm also enjoying Silicon Valley that just started. Great news about your daughter. So awesome and congratulations. Good luck with the dentist. We just bought ours a new boat as Kyle's mouth was a hot mess. Not doing a good job as a parent with his teeth. Enjoy your weekend, kden.
Claire M. King said…
I feel your pride kden. Congrats! If grumpy told me to jump off a roof, I'd at least make him explain why.

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