Grief Has No Language Barrier

There have been so many devastating events going on in the world just in the last month or so. Planes completely disappearing, Ebola outbreaks, earthquakes, flooding, Mt. Everest avalanche, mud slide in our own state, freeway shootings, crazy Neo Nazi's, and the South Korean ferry sinking.

The last one is the one that got to me the most; because of the age of the kids, very close to my own daughter. What was supposed to be a fun time for a bunch of high school kids turned into a nightmare for them and their families. No matter the language, grief is grief. You can see it on their face and hear the pain in their voice.

Bless the kids who texted or were able to get a call through to their family. Some were hopeful, some made it out, but most didn't and it will be the last things their parents have in memory of them.

The most heartbreaking to me though was a mom standing on the shore screaming out her daughter's name. The girl didn't even want to go but her mom talked her into it saying it would be a good experience for her. That is exactly something I would do; I would encourage my daughter to go and tell her how much fun she would have with all of her friends. I can relate to that mom now and how guilty she must feel and how this is going to change her life forever. With many, these parents only had one child. Their one and only is gone and so might be the will to carry on.

With the captain and crew now under arrest charged with murder, and the Vice Principal of the school choosing to kill himself, this will play out for a long time with the blame game and recovering of bodies. I wish I could just hold a mom's hand and we could both understand......without saying a word.


Mr. Shife said…
Such a sad and tragic story, kden. It definitely hurts the heart and just doesn't seem right. The world could definitely use a bunch of good news right now.
Claire M. King said…
I guess I didn't hear the cause of this situation and the crew's hand in the accident. I rarely listen to news anymore because it is far too depressing and it appears bad news overrides good news too often. I'm an ostrich with my head in the sand I suppose.

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