Blowing Smoke

I have a friend, the one I took to Alaska, who every once in awhile will message me and say we need to get together, but never follows through. Most recently she said it's been too long. I messaged back and agreed, asked how her next week looked and we should make plans or we never would. She wrote back and said she works all week and has an event to go to on Saturday. That's it. No other suggestion, the conversation is over. So why even ask me?

Months ago another friend texted me and said she wanted to take me out to dinner. I replied saying which night would work best for me. Never heard back from her. Really?

Do these people sit around getting hammered and think of people that they might want to see and then when they sober up, change their mind? I have no idea but it bugs the Hell out of me.

When another friend and I want to get together, we will email back and forth and set up a day, time, and place. How hard is that?

When I was a kid I had a cousin that would do the same thing to me, over and over. Promises to hang out and then leave me out to dry. It used to make my Mom so mad and I feel the same when people have done it to my daughter. It's damn rude and makes you feel like crap.

I know people work and have busy lives but I have a life too. If I'm willing to take the time to set aside for you (because I really want to see you), please have the same courtesy, or don't even bother asking me in the first place.


Grumpy said…
Hey, you wanna have lunch sometime?
kden said…
Yes, because I know you are a man of your word.

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