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Last month I finally got to meet my new doctor at Group Health. I like her a lot and come to find out she used to work at the clinic I came from. Maybe I even saw her once there and subconsciously might have remembered her name so that's why I chose her. I've been checked from head to toe and seem to be in good shape. She put me on Lexapro for depression but it's too soon to feel if it's doing anything. The first couple of weeks were pretty bad with the side effects and I thought about giving up. But they are gone now so I'll hang in there for another month or two to see how it goes.

My friend MaryLou has been out of town since Christmas. First she went to Arizona for a long vacation but was abruptly forced to head back to Washington when her son became gravely ill and almost died. He first contracted the type A flu virus which lead to double pneumonia and then an almost always fatal lung disease. My own Aunt died of it about 18 years ago. He was put on life support, given anti seizure drugs and put in a special roto bed. Then his kidneys failed and he was put on dialysis. Little by little he is getting better but has a very long way to go. She came home this past weekend and hopefully we'll get together soon. He had just switched jobs and may not have had any insurance at all. And the entire family has always been against flu shots, but not anymore. I don't care if you get sick even after getting the shot, the odds are still better that you will survive the flu if you get one. A woman from my hometown died from the flu this winter; it's just not worth taking the chance against a totally (almost) preventable disease.

The Kid has been blogging almost as long as I have, minus about 5 months. She's not always been consistent but is starting to step it up a little. I always enjoy what she writes about, even though some things are over my head. But she puts a lot of thought and research into what she writes and doesn't sounds like the typical 18 year old. If you want to peek into her mind please go here.

In a sudden roomie change, last Friday she got a very short notice that she was getting a new room mate. Like a 4 hour notice. She left for home before she even got to meet her and had to wait until Sunday evening. Her name is Akane and she's part of an exchange program (from Tokyo, Japan) called Asian University American Program and will be there until July. They take courses to help them with the English language and culture and are mostly matched with American roommates. Could be interesting!

I've been enjoying the Olympics, with a few exceptions that I could do without, like some skating, and cross country skiing. We're also excited to see that the Paralympics will be televised for the first time and that starts in just a few weeks. So let the excitement continue!!


Grumpy said…
Most anti-depressants need a while to take effect and may even require dosage changes. Hang in there and give it a chance.

The new roomie sounds interesting; couldn't be worse than the last one and a chance to learn about another culture.
Mr. Shife said…
Hi kden. It's just amazing how different things affect us. I tried Lexapro and it hit me almost immediately. I had some adverse side effects which made me give it up. This might be too much information but mostly it had an impact on my plumbing as I could not rise to the occasion. Hope it works out for you. Take care.

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