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If you recall a few years ago I had found a great website to print your own blog, if you are so inclined (or egotistic like me). At that time I was only in three years but now since I've been at it for six , I thought I had better really do it.

Blog2Print offers many color choices in hard/soft covers, and you can choose a picture for the front and back cover or they will just grab the first one you ever used. I chose my own, as well as having a contents page and adding comments. I used Google Chrome to make mine and it doesn't have a lot of the choices offered, so next time around I will use IE to see the difference.

I only had the first year of my blog printed in case it looked like crap; then I would have been out about 120 bucks for something that I hated. I had a 15% off coupon for first time order so it ran me about 35 bucks. If I do a year at a time, they will cost about the same and it's totally worth it for a nice keepsake to keep me amused in my old age.

It only took 10 days from order to delivery which I thought was awesome and I love it so much. I chose a soft cover but it's bound well with photo grade paper and the pictures are bright and clear. I'm really happy I did it and will order one a month until I have them all.


Grumpy said…
I would consider this if I thought somebody in my family would like it as a keepsake after I'm gone; I just don't think anyone would.

I think it will be a wonderful thing for your daughter and future grandchildren to have.
kden said…
I was informed many years ago that she would NOT have kids; and she still stands by that. Plus, I wouldn't want them to know how crabby I am.
Mr. Shife said…
Looks great. Glad it turned out so well. I need to save all of my blog posts somewhere because I'm afraid one day Google is going to do something to them. Take care kden.
Claire M. King said…
I am amazed by that kden. Congratulations. Sometimes a decision today will have great rewards later. Maybe we will see you on book signing tours and smile at our secret friendship. Again, grumpy is not crediting himself. Lots of people would like his work.

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