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A Change In Plans

And just when I thought my new insurance plan was set in stone, they threw a big ol' monkey wrench into the mix. Before I had picked my plan, Washington state had made a tax credit calculating mistake on the applications of 8000 people.

"Don't worry about it unless you get a letter", they said. Well I didn't so I went forward. A week or so later I wanted to look at my plan again and noticed that my tax credit lower and my premium went from 0 to 75 bucks. Not horrible but I still have to share my tax credit with the kid next summer when she turns 19, so I have to keep that in mind for premium costs.

I emailed my broker and didn't hear back from him and the very next day I got an email from the state telling me I was one of the 'lucky 8000'. I was given the choice to keep my plan or pick another. As if it didn't take me long enough to go through 38 plans I had to start all over again.

I chose a plan I thought I never would, a total 180 for me. I dum…

Stealing Movies

When our daughter left for college, my Stepson's Fiance let her have her log in information for HBO and Netflix to keep her busy when she's not doing homework. And of course I asked the kid to pass it on to me so I could watch movies on my Kindle. There's nothing better than waking up early on weekends and sitting in my chair with a cup of coffee and a soft blanket while watching movies before anyone else gets up. Some of the ones I remember are:

Hitchcock-The back story during the filming of Psycho. The movie almost didn't make it to the big screen, and if it wasn't for his wife pushing him on, despite him being a very difficult person to be married to, we may not have had the pleasure of being terrified to shower.

Grey Gardens-This one was the most interesting. Big and Little Edie played superbly by Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore. They were Mother/Daughter and Aunt/Cousin to Jackie Onassis. They were rich socialites but ended up living together in squalor in the…

Maybe Next Time Around

This is kind of two posts rolled into one. I've mulled it around for a few years now but just couldn't quite pull it together. Some things are just hard to put into words.

I am a strong believer in Reincarnation. I always have been and although I don't really know why; it just feels right to me. I believe that before we come into this world (again) we tell God what kind of a life we want to have. Depending on how we lived the last time around we may choose a harder life to make up for our deeds in the former life. It is a way for the soul's progression to higher planes of spiritual knowledge and understanding. Each religion has their own take on it. So it's like we have to keep coming back until we reach that point. I may not have the right words to explain my understanding, but that's the gist of it.

But even with those beliefs I have a hard time with the feeling that I actually chose this life. Everyday seems like such a struggle to me in some way or the othe…

What Do You Search For?

You can know that I am really desperate for something to write about when I start telling you what I do online searches for, in no exciting particular order.

1. Comparing flat screen T.V.'s-We're expecting a refund for taxes paid on our house this year; so maybe.
2.  Low cost dental services-All it did was take me back to where I already go, grrrrr.
3.  The perv teacher from my Daughter's high school (her Junior English teacher) who pled guilty to sexual misconduct-He's only pleading guilty to hopefully not have to register as a perv.
4.  Weekly menu's at Eastern-Might have to sneak away again soon.
5.  Proof that Celine Dion didn't die, because my Mom posted on Facebook that she did-She's usually smarter than that.
6.  Harlem Globetrotter game times-They'll be here in Feb., but during the week, boo.
7.  The difference between a hurricane, cyclone and typhoon-They're all the same, just depends on which ocean they're in.
8.  Android Apps-Looking…

More Nonsense

I went to my Moms as usual the other day and she was putting something down the spare bathroom's sink. There was an awful smell in the house (manufactured home) and she thought it was coming from the sink. I traced the smell to a duct in the den, it was so gross. She thought possibly a pipe from the bathroom  had broken under the house so she called her handyman after I left and he came over. He's been around awhile and figured some animal had crawled under the house and died. He said to give it a few days and if it doesn't go away or at least dissipate, to call a plumber. I'm just glad I don't have to sleep there and smell it, especially knowing it might be a dead thing; shudders.

Last Thursday I snuck off to Eastern to have lunch with the kid. We've been wanting to do this for awhile and since hubby naps in the afternoon before he goes to work it seemed like the perfect time. We'll both go some Sunday for their brunch, I promise. It was really nice seeing…

Feeling Hopeful

As the deadline to Obamacare loomed, things in general started getting more negative. Well I guess they have been the past 6 years, but it just seemed to get worse. I have a few FB friends that I hide because of all the negative and untrue material they post.

One in particular takes the stance that it will only help the 'lazy welfare' people. I took great offense to that and sent her a private message. I told her that possibly more of her FB friends could be hurt by that statement. She argued that it's the 'career' welfare people that will benefit and all of the others will see raises in their premiums. That's how it is with her, black or white. Just a few minutes after that I saw on the news that one woman, a little younger than me, cuts her bp meds in half until she can get some good insurance. She didn't look like 'career welfare' to me. She looks like a normal lady trying to get a break. And those that pay more for their premiums may have it be…