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Computer Cooties

A few weeks ago my computer did its usual updates but decided I should have IE 10 too, so it didn't even ask me and went right ahead. I noticed that things were acting a little goofy such as pictures wouldn't load in Facebook and Hotmail would crash if I tried to attach a picture. And so I started messing around and pretty much screwed up everything. And believe me, this is the condensed version.

First I uninstalled IE 10, big mistake. I thought 9 would still be sticking around but nope I was left with no browser at all. Whooops. So then I rolled my computer back to an earlier time which might have worked but I still had auto update turned on so when I took it back, it re-installed it again. Damn. But I figured if I downloaded Google Chrome which I have heard good things about then I could have two browsers. It seemed like a good fix and we were all getting along; until I started my computer the next morning. It started chkdsk which you know is never a good sign. There were so…

There Comes A Time

There are times when you just gotta say, "I'm done." This isn't an earthshattering event, just something that torched me one day and I cracked. First I have to say that my Daughter is the best kid....ever. But for many reasons she can be lazy. In part, it's our fault with her being an only child and get it.

Her academics have always come first so we've never been very strict with helping around the house, taking out garbage, dishes, laundry, etc. Her only real chore is feeding the dog once a day and making sure she has water. A few years ago I got so tired of reminding her I started taking her allowance away. Five bucks off for an infraction kind of hurts the wallet at the end of the week so she's much better at it. And I know I was no better when I was her age, having to be reminded to do even the simplest thing. It drives her Dad nuts when she walks right by something that needs to be done and just knows that one of us will do it.

This is goi…

Grad Night 2013--The End

~~First of all, everyone sing a little Happy Birthday ditty to Kden. Kden is 55 today. Kden doesn't know how she feels about that but knows there is nothing she can do to change it, so let't move on.~~

My year stint on the Grad Night committee is officially over. I'm proud that I hung in there even though I never felt that I fit in at the meetings. There were a few women in different groups that I liked but other than that I'm sure I won't be chummy with any of them.

I went to all but 3 meeting and tried to contribute what I could. I'd say I helped out more than most but not as much as many of the Moms that have done this before. They just knew what to do and got the job done. My contributions were mostly by going to the money raising events such as the wine social or Panda Express. Hubby and I got donations for the wine social. We got rid of a lot of stuff for the big yard sale and I helped price, organize items (3 hours in the hot sun!) and even worked it. I…

What A Bonehead

No, this is not another post about my husband. It's the tale of a middle age woman who should know better and has to admit Once In A Blue Moon that she is a BONEHEAD.

One Friday recently when I was almost done working at My Lady's house, I was trying to shut the garage after bring groceries in. The door would get hung up from what it looked like on the top. So I took an old golf club and whacked around a bit and kept trying to close it. No go. I looked on one side at the electric eye and knew nothing was blocking it.

I went in with the bad news and told her it wouldn't shut and asked if she had a 'garage guy'. Being a recent widow, she really had no clue who her husband would call so I grabbed the phone book and started looking. Being a 3 day weekend, I didn't want the garage door hanging open until her daughter could take a look at it. We found one that did emergency visits 24 hours a day so she gave them a call. He could be there in 30-45 minutes and I offer…

Me So Bad

You all know that my husband and I disagree about....well, just about everything. This time it's outside plants. He loves and brings home any plant he can get a hold of, like little kids bring home stray animals. His pat answer when I ask him where he's going to put it is, "Behind the fence".

Our backyard is fenced off and there is a little strip behind the back fence about 4 feet wide which consists of rocks, some dirt, many weeds, and too many damn plants.

We are both guilty of planting things that get too invasive and we end up taking them out. Many years ago someone gave him a start of Sumac but warned him to keep it away from anything you cherish because it will send out runners. Of course he didn't listen and put it in the front yard in a rocky area that is very hard to do anything with. It was a beautiful tree in the fall and daughter and I hung our plastic Easter eggs on it every year but then it started sending runners into the lawn. It took him a few y…