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Maybe There's Hope After All

I just had to share this. It was written by a boy that goes to school with my daughter. I was so impressed; it gives me hope for the future. What's sad though is that this kid has 500 FB friends and only 5 people liked it and only two (one of which was my daughter) made a comment. He seems to get it and the other 495 don't.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My beliefs are so different; it looks like an untrimmed tree with branches protruding out in every which direction. 
I believe in little things, such as right and wrong, and religion, but I also believe in rugged individualism and disagree with most political parties; beliefs that start debates and arguments with people. All of these beliefs make up who I am as a person and how I view life and the world around me. How can I tell you about one of my beliefs when there’s thousands?
I believe everyone is born initially good, and become bad when they have ideas introduced into their mind. I believe we are all equal, regardless of skin color,…

I'll Miss The Entertainment

Recently we went to a play across the street at our daughter's school. In the past four years we have seen plays, concerts, and improv comedy. Most of the events are free, but occasionally the drama department charges for the plays to help cover costs.

I'm really going to miss going to them. The concerts are listed on the school's website calendar but the plays are usually word of mouth or Facebooked and the improv nights are just thrown together quickly by the same avenues.

I like the improv shows the best, and am impressed by the quick wit of teenagers. The jazz combo band is my next favorite, then regular band. They put on wonderful Veterans concert, playing music for each branch of the Military and honor audience Veterans by having them stand. It always brings a tear to my eye. The Winter concerts are enjoyable too. They're going to lose a lot of talented Seniors this year in both band and drama. I never went to the choral concerts because I find them kind of bor…

Granny and Baby and Big Brother's Moving

*My Mom is doing so much better. It took about 2 weeks after she got home before she started to finally feel/act like her old self. At first I was worried because she became so obsessed with her blood pressure readings. She was very weak and lightheaded and her readings were very low. And then she was pretty convinced that she was still bleeding and had fears that she would have to go back to the hospital and she'd never come back home again. She even called a frenemy that she hasn't spoke to in a long time to ask if she would come over and take her blood pressure. I would email my brothers almost frantic; "she is acting so strange."

But with continued blood testing which was holding and her doctor telling her to not take her bp meds for awhile and only take her bp ONCE a day, she's really turned a corner. It was a pretty frightening experience and even though we have had our difficulties, this is the first time I really felt like we were losing her. I feel bles…

The Bitter Pill Is Now A Little Sweeter To Swallow

After the debacle of my winning trip to Alaska last fall I have really been down. I won't bore you with the whole stinking story again but I still feel like I was robbed.

I took that action to write and speak to Jeff, from Miller Coors. I spelled out the whole trip, not leaving out any details, as to why I should not have to pay taxes on the full value of the trip when in fact we did not get a whole trip.

I didn't get my 1099 this year for tax purposes so called the marketing company in charge of promoting the contest. She explained that since they will be cutting me a check this year, I won't get a 1099 until tax time next year.

Finally, last week I got my check for $1633.00! I would have liked a breakdown on how they came to that amount and I don't even know what the trip will eventually be valued at, but she said it was reduced quite a bit. So it kind of seems like this trip really cost me nothing as this check will cover any taxes that I will have had to pay on it…