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Fresh Ideas

I wish I wasn't such a Gemini; the one who flits from project to project, usually from boredom. Sometime I don't even finish what I started before moving on.

Mostly I'm talking about craft projects. In the past I've made pins with antique buttons, homemade notepads, checkbook covers, pressed flower bookmarks, beaded bookmarks, rock stacks and glass totems. We have a relatively new sewing machine sitting in the basement that my daughter got when she took a sewing class a few years ago. It's hardly had any use since then so I figured I'd fire it up and see what easy projects I could do. I signed up for sewing tutorials and I would probably not even try 99% of them but this looked like an easy and cute project.

My oldest Step-son and his wife and going to have another boy next month. I made something for their first son so wanted to do something for this one too. I found some Winnie the Pooh material and appliqued it to light fleece.

I then sewed them to white on…

What's Bugging Kden Today?

The question should really be, what's not? I get irritated easy. It's not easy being me, or I'm sure living with me.

What's bugging me lately is all over a dumb coat. When Barb and I were in Alaska and waiting for our flight out she had the cojones to ask one of the Miller Coors guys if we could get some coats from the company. He whipped out his iPad and ordered one for everyone that went on the trip. They all have the Blue Moon logo on them and can't be bought in a store. They're not fancy, but pretty decent. It's not for our winters here but I've started wearing it now that it's warming up. They're probably sized for men so it's long on me, but since I'm short most coats are. It's black with a grey lining and even reversible. There's a nice built in hood for rainy walks and it holds back the wind pretty darn good.

I've had hers all this time since they were delivered, because we could never find the time to get together.…

Time To Go!

The same day that my last post went up, I went to the hospital as usual. Mom had been doing a lot better the last few days and she told me that PT had stopped in that morning. They ran her through the paces of walking, sitting, standing, and even stairs. The girl told her that if she went to rehab, that's all they would do for her, and she was doing so well that she could pass Go and and just go Home. We were ALL quite surprised when just a week ago we were discussing DNR's.

But the next day as I was hurrying around, buying groceries and getting things ready at her house, she had started bleeding again. By late afternoon when I was still expecting the call to go and get her, she called on the verge of tears. I raced to the hospital and the nurses in communication with whatever doctor was on duty, said that it wasn't that bad but they should keep her another day. That evening she called and said they may do the angio in the morning. WTH? Another text and phone calls go out …

The Mother Of All Changes

More baggage has been put in the compartment of the Change Train. I will try and limit details to make this story less graphic.

She has had diverticulosis for quite a few years but nothing came close to what she's going through now. Thankfully she had no pain but had lost a lot of blood and had a friend take her to ER. After admittance, they ran every sort of test over the first few days; nuclear medicine test, colonoscopy, countless blood tests, and  had two blood transfusions. The colonoscopy forced air outside of her colon either by a blowout or puncture. This has convinced me that I will NEVER have one. This one and the one she had years ago were both miserable for her, she wasn't totally out and she felt everything and the techs were very rough tossing her around.

Day 4, the first day I really cried. So many doctors came in and it was confusing trying to understand what they were saying. Then they all change their mind 2 minutes later. I was trying to take notes so I c…

I Will Never Be A Socialite

I guess wine tasting events are just not my thang.....  Another fundraiser for the the 2013 Grad Night, the event has been planned for quite awhile. For the small amount of people that actually show up for meetings, there must be many more people behind the scenes that still pull their weight.

A wine vendor was picked. Silent auction items were procured and I'm proud to say that hubby and I helped out in that department. All items were bundled into beautiful baskets and then placed on tables with a minimum bid. There must have been at least 60 baskets, I was quite impressed. I bid but didn't get anything :-( They also had raffles during the night but didn't win there either.

And the food, oh my! But the food almost didn't happen. Two days before the event, the one single person who was going to donate ALL of the food, suffered a major heart attack. A call went into action and emails for help went out to the parents. The group couldn't afford to put any more money …