What Do You Search For?

You can know that I am really desperate for something to write about when I start telling you what I do online searches for, in no exciting particular order.

1. Comparing flat screen T.V.'s-We're expecting a refund for taxes paid on our house this year; so maybe.
2.  Low cost dental services-All it did was take me back to where I already go, grrrrr.
3.  The perv teacher from my Daughter's high school (her Junior English teacher) who pled guilty to sexual misconduct-He's only pleading guilty to hopefully not have to register as a perv.
4.  Weekly menu's at Eastern-Might have to sneak away again soon.
5.  Proof that Celine Dion didn't die, because my Mom posted on Facebook that she did-She's usually smarter than that.
6.  Harlem Globetrotter game times-They'll be here in Feb., but during the week, boo.
7.  The difference between a hurricane, cyclone and typhoon-They're all the same, just depends on which ocean they're in.
8.  Android Apps-Looking for more games to put on Hubby's Kindle.
9.  Consumer reports on Video Only-Didn't fare well, especially on return policy.
10.  Christmas gift ideas for the Kid-Hard to buy for a college student who doesn't need a lot of crap.
11.  Home made Kahlua recipes. The Vanilla beans alone would cost about 6 bucks per bottle, just bought one fully made and ready to drink instead.
12.  Jazzercise classes-Ha, maybe 10 years ago. Surely couldn't do it now!
13.  Doggy Daycares-Always looking ahead to next vacation.
14.  More insurance plans-I was one of 8K people who's tax credits were figured wrong, so I get less and have to either pay more for the plan I picked or start all over again, sigh....getting tired of this crap.

I need to get a life, but at least I learned something. Maybe I saved you some time and searching in case you were wondering the same things. So, what do you search for?


Peruby said…
I just searched for the do-do bird this morning. Ha!

Also - the FB post about Celine Dion may not have been a conscience act on your Mother's part. I think the post is spam and she did not have any control over what her FB posts. This happened recently to my daughter's boyfriend. He didn't even know his FB sent the notice out. And he seriously could care less about Celine Dion if he even knows who she is.
Grumpy said…
I mostly search for sports or porn related material.

My wife's company just bought the Harlem Globetrotters. Search for that.
kden said…
Perbuy, it wasn't one of those. She actually saw it on Fox news (go figure) and then just reported it. and Grumpy....I shall!
Anonymous said…
Purses....and tote bags.
kden said…
I have no doubt my little anonymous friend :-)
Mr. Shife said…
The coolest thing I searched for today was quotes from Ferris Bueller as I thought about using one in my blog. Everything else was just nonsense like looking for advice on not going crazy while being at home all day with your kids. =) Have a good weekend.
Anonymous said…
Shucks, that let's me out.

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