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I went to my Moms as usual the other day and she was putting something down the spare bathroom's sink. There was an awful smell in the house (manufactured home) and she thought it was coming from the sink. I traced the smell to a duct in the den, it was so gross. She thought possibly a pipe from the bathroom  had broken under the house so she called her handyman after I left and he came over. He's been around awhile and figured some animal had crawled under the house and died. He said to give it a few days and if it doesn't go away or at least dissipate, to call a plumber. I'm just glad I don't have to sleep there and smell it, especially knowing it might be a dead thing; shudders.

Last Thursday I snuck off to Eastern to have lunch with the kid. We've been wanting to do this for awhile and since hubby naps in the afternoon before he goes to work it seemed like the perfect time. We'll both go some Sunday for their brunch, I promise. It was really nice seeing her at school other than just dropping her off. It was a dark, rainy day and this made it much brighter!

Also last week I took my last Zumba class at Curves. I have become so horribly bored with it. It's not even fun anymore. I miss Casey, our original instructor. She had the energy that made you want to show up and shake it. I miss the Latin music she would use. The instructors now use mostly hip-hop which is OK, but I miss the way Zumba used to be when Beto Perez started it. The class has dwindled and it's the same old people, with the same old instructors and the same old music. I look around and we all look like Zombies. I sit in my car and wish I didn't have to go in and then it hit me; I don't HAVE to. I feel bad for leaving MaryLou behind. But she's leaving around Christmas for 10 weeks so class would even suck more without her since she's the reason I've lasted this long. She's a good friend and I promised her that we would stay in touch. It was hard walking out the door, not telling anyone, just leaving. It's not like anyone would miss me but still, it's been a big part of my life for several years. I'll still do the Curves circuit because I have a membership but ugh, it's even MORE boring.

Last month the youngest Son texted our Daughter and asked if we were doing Thanksgiving this year. Last year we didn't really want anyone over but we were ready to entertain again, so we told him they could come. They meaning him, his fiance, and Mom. Last week he texted his Dad to say that since his brother is back in town they were going to go there instead. I seriously saw steam come out of Hubby's ears. I don't know whose idea it was since we had told the older Son that they were coming here. That's fine, we'll let them deal with the fiance's requests to make her special low-carb side dishes. I do feel bad for our Daughter since she hasn't seen him in awhile but the young man needs to grow up and not invite and then un-invite himself via text. That's fine, at least we won't have to clean the house.

Our dog Nellie has been acting so strange lately. Maybe it's just a coincidence but it seemed to start when our daughter left for school. She's fine during the day and mostly sleeps after her early morning walk. But by late evening she starts pacing and panting. She'll go into the kid's room and come back out, walk around the living room and when we let her out all she does is lie down. Then she doesn't want to come back in but when she finally does, she starts the pacing all over again. We did some research on doggy dementia and that behavior fits a lot of the symptoms. It's like she has her sleep clock backwards. Some days she's fine but most of the time it disturbs everyone's sleep. If she were showing other signs, like pain or something I wouldn't hesitate to take her to the Vet. But what do I say, "she paces and pants all night?" The old girl is 13 now and is maybe just showing her age, like the rest of us.


John Bain said…
Families eh. I hope Nellie is OK.
Grumpy said…
Nellie probably had a routine for years with your daughter at home and now it's been changed. Maybe she'll adapt if given time.

Families and holidays...ugh.
Jay Noel said…
Thanksgiving is so darn stressful. We're planning on keeping it very low key again this year. The ugly rears its head during the holiday season sometimes.

Sounds like your dog is having a tough time with change. She'll be fine.

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