Feeling Hopeful

As the deadline to Obamacare loomed, things in general started getting more negative. Well I guess they have been the past 6 years, but it just seemed to get worse. I have a few FB friends that I hide because of all the negative and untrue material they post.

One in particular takes the stance that it will only help the 'lazy welfare' people. I took great offense to that and sent her a private message. I told her that possibly more of her FB friends could be hurt by that statement. She argued that it's the 'career' welfare people that will benefit and all of the others will see raises in their premiums. That's how it is with her, black or white. Just a few minutes after that I saw on the news that one woman, a little younger than me, cuts her bp meds in half until she can get some good insurance. She didn't look like 'career welfare' to me. She looks like a normal lady trying to get a break. And those that pay more for their premiums may have it better or worse than others in different states. I guess I feel lucky that Washington state started the planning long ago and now are ready to face the task, while other states like Idaho that fought it all along, are now struggling and the poorest will be left out until next year. Not everyone will be happy though, it will help some and hurt some.

I sat myself down at the computer on Oct. 1st, and the 2nd, and the 3rd, and 4th with excitement turning to frustration. Washington opted to have their own exchange instead of relying on the .Gov site. I know our state wasn't the only one having problems but their continuance to say that the website was now fixed and how pleased they were at how many people were now signed up for insurance really pissed off a lot of people. Calls to the call center had waiting times of 60-90 minutes only to get disconnected. I finally got fed up after a week and left many complaints on the Plan's FB page, and then a broker from out of town messaged me and asked if I would like some help. They offer their services for free and can either meet in person or over the phone after downloading the forms. I jumped on that offer and started filling out the forms that day.

Two days later I just had a few questions so called his office. He answered the phone himself, answered my questions, had me scan and email them back to him and within a few weeks he had everything entered onto the site and I could choose my plan. It was more confusing than I thought it would be so I went to my clinic to get some help figuring out the plans. It's been so long since I've had insurance I didn't quite understand how to compare them and if my clinic was even contracted with the different companies. They were contracted with all of them so I had 30 plans to choose from. I went back home, called my broker and he helped me narrow down a plan. What is nice though is that I qualified for a good tax credit and will have a 0 premium. I did choose to pay 20.00 a month though because when our daughter turns 19, she will have to be on her own plan and the tax credit will be split between both of us. So maybe that extra 20 bucks a month will help out at tax time, who knows? It's still pretty confusing to me but finally 31 days after starting the process I am insured!

I have edited this post so many times because my emotions are so back and forth about it. What's strange is that I'm almost embarrassed to be happy about it and feel like I have to hide my new found insured status. It certainly isn't how it was described and with all the "they lied" news stories flying around, all I hear is that the only people benefiting are those that were not insured to begin with, like me. My deductible is in the high range and as little as I go to a doctor I will never meet it, so basically I'm only covered for catastrophic events. I guess it's a good thing though......right?

Time will tell I guess.


Grumpy said…
It's absolutely a good thing that you're insured. It took some time and effort, but the system worked for you.

Trust me, I've seen first hand what a catastrophic illness would do to a family's finances if they didn't have insurance.
fernvalley01 said…
great that you are insured, and the catastrophic events are what you need insurance for , not the nickel and dime stuff. I don't know how the system there is going to work or come together, but wonder if half of the fear and anger about it is some folks resisting change, or is it really going to be a trainwreck?
being from Alberta , I have always had coverage, and in the last 10 years or so no premiums
Mr. Shife said…
Glad to hear you are now insured, kden. Good for you. I'm still waiting to see how all of this plays out as we're in Idaho so like you mentioned they waited until the last possible minute to get with the program. Have a good weekend.

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