A Change In Plans

And just when I thought my new insurance plan was set in stone, they threw a big ol' monkey wrench into the mix. Before I had picked my plan, Washington state had made a tax credit calculating mistake on the applications of 8000 people.

"Don't worry about it unless you get a letter", they said. Well I didn't so I went forward. A week or so later I wanted to look at my plan again and noticed that my tax credit lower and my premium went from 0 to 75 bucks. Not horrible but I still have to share my tax credit with the kid next summer when she turns 19, so I have to keep that in mind for premium costs.

I emailed my broker and didn't hear back from him and the very next day I got an email from the state telling me I was one of the 'lucky 8000'. I was given the choice to keep my plan or pick another. As if it didn't take me long enough to go through 38 plans I had to start all over again.

I chose a plan I thought I never would, a total 180 for me. I dumped my clinic and went with Group Health. Even my broker was a little surprised when I finally did talk to him. But he looked at it and said I made a good choice because for 25 bucks less I got my deductible lowered by 50%. At first I really didn't want to leave my clinic but the only reason I go is because I liked the Nurse Practitioner and I will miss her. But as far as the rest of the place? Not so much. If I like it, I might even move the kid over this summer.

So maybe it's time for a change; maybe I'll go to a doctor more and address things I should be. I'm more comfortable with a 1500 deductible in case I decide to kiss a sidewalk again. Things are looking up!


Grumpy said…
So in the end the system worked?
kden said…
Yes but only with the help of a Broker. I was getting errors and couldn't finish my app. So he was persistent and kept calling the hotline and was able to bypass the error codes. I couldn't have done it without him.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad you got all squared away kden and you found a plan that works for you. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Take care.
Anonymous said…
All's well that ends well.

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