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We have another elderly neighbor (age 89) and his wife that live right across the street from us. In fact when we moved in 15 years ago, the entire neighborhood was full of older people. One by one they have died or moved on and homes are replaced by younger people. I guess we're the middle-agers in the 'hood now.

Anyway, Hank was helping hubby out by taking him and our broken lawn mower to the shop. They got to talking about their mutual disdain for the slobby neighbors. Come to find out, he also has been filing complaints with code enforcement. It's nice to know that we are not the only ones who feel this way. This is a recent picture showing how they clean out the garage, by throwing everything on the sidewalk and wait for people to come along and root through it. That pile of brown stuff are bushes, pulled out over a month ago and just left there.

This was after some stuff had already walked away. One night when hubby came home from work, he took the heavy wet carpets and all the crap and surrounded the guy's van with it. Did he care? Nope, he just drove away running over everything and then later dumped the stuff back on the sidewalk.

I found the owner through the Assessor's office but ownership had been switched into a LLC a few years ago and the only phone number listed was--when I called, a personal number, claimed by the woman who answered and she had no knowledge of that business. Whether or not she was telling the truth I don't know. But I printed off the pictures I took and mailed them with a letter to a PO box in Idaho. To put in nicely I told them that our neighbors and ourselves will keep filing complaints with code enforcement and sending them pictures. Like many owners, I doubt that they really care as long as they get their rent.

Or.......maybe they did hear me. Either that or it was Hank's complaint but this is the miraculous transformation. It took the guy only 2 days to clean this up, so I know he's capable. He took the shrubs in his van late at night so probably just dumped them in some other alley but at least the place is clean. For now.

But Hank and I will continue to bombard Mr. Clean with our complaints if needed, and keep the pressure on to be a civilized neighbor.


Grumpy said…
Nice job. A messy property affects everyone.
fernvalley01 said…
well done, hope he keeps it up, I don't live close enough to see my neighbors trash, but I am sure it would bug the crap out of me
Peruby said…
Let's hope that the good feeling he gets after seeing how nice it looks stays with him and he will keep it up.

Maybe a compliment to him? Or, maybe not. :)
Mr. Shife said…
Nice work, kden. I'm glad your neighborhood is looking good again, and hopefully the dude keeps it up. Enjoy your weekend.
Claire M. King said…
Nice job of your hubby to surround the dude's van with his own mess. Love it!

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