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Our garage got a new lid on it last month. A very long awaited one. It has looked bad since we moved in almost 15 years ago. Seven years ago after a big wind storm our insurance company bought a new roof for our house but not the garage. I'm not sure why, it looked worse than the house. So there it sat with all it's shingles of the South side of it and I felt sorry for the neighbors to have to look at it every day. Since we didn't need our tax refund from last year for college expenses we decided to invest in a new roof. It looks nice and I'm not embarrassed anymore.

Apparently I'm allergic to shellfish of some kind. Too bad I can't narrow it down to which one. I bought a bag of all types of frozen fish, shrimp, and shellfish to make some soup. It was OK, not great; but me not wanting to waste anything ate it two nights in a row. By the third morning I noticed a rash on my stomach right where my pants ride. As I checked myself throughout the day it was spreading through my entire torso and sides, and I was growing more uncomfortable and a little scared too. I had to pick the kid up at the bus stop and by the time we got home I peeled off my clothes and just put my robe on, it felt like sandpaper. It didn't hurt but burned like heck. After about 4 hours of looking at disgusting rashes online I realized that others have worse things and I wouldn't die. I diagnosed myself with good ol' hives and took some Claritin. By the time I went to bed I felt so much better and took a Benedryl to help me sleep. I was as good as new by morning. My pants are still tight but that's a whole other story. No more fishy soup for me.

The kid and I went in together to buy hubby a new Kindle for Christmas. New ones are out already so I got him an 8gb which should be plenty big enough. When he's at work I load on his favorite games so it will be all ready by Christmas. You see there's a method to my madness because he takes mine a lot to play, so I figured I'd get him his own. And it will give me two whole months to play with it :-)

My Mom has come up with a good idea for Christmas gifts this year too. Instead of buying gifts she's going to start giving away some of her things. Maybe something we've always admired or things that might have more meaning to one of us over the other. I think it's freakin' brilliant! Compared to My Lady who has a house crammed full of crap that's been stacking up for at least 50 years. Even down to bits of thread, she will not throw anything away. So I admire an elderly person who knows they will not be around forever and doesn't want to burden their family with cleaning out 1/2 century's worth of belongings.

The other day hubby was bringing in the garbage cans and our slobby neighbor yelled out to him, "Is this looking better?" as he waved his arms toward his yard. He didn't seem to say it in a jerkish way but it still pissed hubby off so he just stared at him and didn't say a word. So I guess we've been had as the rats, but he doesn't realize there is another rat in the hood. What's funny is that he's piling his crap around the corner of his garage out of our sight. Whatever Dude, as long as I can't see it I don't care.


Grumpy said…
I'd be careful about calling your own mother "elderly".

You're lucky that hives is all you got; seafood allergies can be very dangerous.
fernvalley01 said…
scary about the seafood thing it seems to get worse as you get more exposure so be careful. Moms idea is awesome, my folks have started that too, but its a lot in a great big house we still have to sort though since the farm where they were has been sold
Mr. Shife said…
Sorry about the seafood. Glad it wasn't too bad. I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. So not prepared for it at all. And your Mom' idea sounds like a winner to me. Enjoy your weekend.

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