Spokane News 1st Annual Community Event And BBQ

Well that was a mouthful! The kid and I have started following a local FB page, Spokane News. I was surprised to hear that they started in '09 but we have only known about it since this summer. Now with over 40K likes it's grown into more of a community.

I don't know how they do it but they have the news online before the news channels do. I imagine geeks sitting around a police scanner and updating the FB page. And now with so many page members there are constant pictures being uploaded as events happen.

This summer they decided to have their 1st annual community event and BBQ and since hubby has to work, the kid and I went to it. Not just a BBQ though; they had several K9 units, a SWAT vehicle, 1936 fire engine and ladder engine,

It was cool to see some of these things up close and personal. The SWAT truck was huge but nothing fancy inside. We got to look inside an ambulance and all the little kids loved climbing in the firetrucks and putting the hats on. I enjoyed watching the dogs run through some training; and they do it all just for a toy.

Mako, the first Accelerant Detection K9 and the
only one in Eastern Wa. and Idaho

Laslo, probably the most well known
1936 Firetruck
Bearcat SWAT vehicle. Look close and you can see the kid
in the passenger seat.
We didn't stick around for the BBQ. The grill broke and someone had to run for a part. All I saw were hot dogs and water to drink. Low budget I guess. The other entertainment wasn't very good and it didn't seem like a very organized event but we saw what we came to see and that was good enough. They're already talking about next year's event but I think I'll pass even though they might upgrade to hamburgers and soda.


fernvalley01 said…
Cool to see the vehicles and canine unit
Grumpy said…
The power of social media. How were you sure it wasn't a trick to get everyone there and then kidnap them?
lytha said…
i love those sable GSDS! our town near seatac has a 4th of july parade and free bbq/ice cream social afterwards. being from germany, my husband was shocked - "they just feed the entire town...for free?" right! this is america. by comparison, our local (german) block party last week sold raffle tickets for the food, and even a glass of water cost 50 cents. i wonder if they would have let me drink out of the bathroom sink for free...
ethelmaepotter! said…
I think Grumpy's right. Seems to me I heard a story about a group in Spokane who are really Russian child kidnappers...

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