Move In Day

A week has come and gone since we moved the kid into her dorm and she's actually home this weekend, much to our delight!

Move in day was easier and less stressful than I thought it would be. I had planned to take lots of pics but only got a few. This one of all of her stuff lined up ready to be loaded in the car. We had to take the bench seat out of the van and everything fit nicely then.

Then we drove over to her old High School's parking lot to get a few more of a full car. She took a few of her room when it was mostly furnished. Oh well, we were on a roll and just wanted to get done.

I wasn't smiling like this at the end of the day
It was easy to find a parking space and they had large totes to transport things. My step-son the Professor was working so he came to help and we got it all done in two loads, such a help. Then we got to see his office and had a wonderful dinner before coming home.

We were all putting off the inevitable; saying goodbye. We went to a lounge on her floor instead of walking her to her room because we knew her room mate would be there. I tried not to cry but she did some. I told her that I guarantee that at least 75% of Freshman feel the same way. We saw a girl crying in the parking lot and a Mom at dinner said her daughter was pretty adamant about going home. But she talked to a counselor for awhile and felt better. So everyone will need some adjustment time. We talked plenty via text, FB, and Words With Friends so it's almost like she's here. Almost........

So I am now officially a parent of an Eastern Eagle.


Grumpy said…
Part of growing up...for all of you. Good job of getting her this far.
Mr. Shife said…
I like the pics. She looks really happy and I imagine it's a pretty exciting and scary time for her as she is off to EWU. Glad she's home for the weekend and you get to spend some quality time with her. Take care and have a great weekend.

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