Count Down...

Although the kid is already gone I wrote this last week. T-minus 7 days until our Daughter moves off to college. Just a few thoughts on how I'm feeling about that. One of my FB friends said "It's not like she's moving to Bolivia, you'll be fine". I don't care if it's 30 or 3000 miles away, it's still a turning point. It's the next phase of my life in which I'm not sure I want to enter.

Friday the 13th. Several times her and I looked at each other and said, "Next Friday at this time....." It went from we'll be unpacking stuff, having dinner together at EWU, to crying ourselves to sleep.

Saturday. She went to EWU with her big brother to help him get his office ready. Since she will have 2 classes in his building, she took her map and figured out her route from her dorm and other buildings. The evenings will be the hardest. We all watch TV together, probably too much. She sets all the shows to record so we'll have to learn all over again and keep up with the schedule. The quiet will be deafening.

Sunday. We usually grill on Sundays. Even though she only eats one tiny little hot dog it won't be as much fun anymore, so we probably won't do it as much. It's kind of a family affair with hubby on the grill, us in the kitchen getting things ready and me drinking a nice cold beer. Well I can still drink the beer anyway.

Monday. I came home from work and she was sitting at the table working on her computer. Then it hit me, she won't be sitting there doing homework when I get home. She'll be sitting at another table.

Tuesday. I'll miss the spontaneity of doing things together. "Let's run to Walmart. Want to go to with me while I get a haircut? Let's go to Sunnie's Yogurt and not tell Dad!"

Wednesday. When I was shopping today I instinctively reached for things that I would usually buy for her; mostly snacks. Wow, I won't be doing that much anymore. I could actually save some money here :-)  While giving her a hug good nite I always say "See you in the morning.". We looked at each other and said, "Only two more nights of saying that." It brought tears to both of our eyes.

Thursday. It's starting to get real here. So busy packing and getting last minute groceries and laundry done. She has done all of her own packing with only some input from me. She's close enough she'll be able to pick up stuff or bring home things that she doesn't need.

Friday. Woke up with butterflies. Can't turn back the clock like I wish I could to start all over. Tonight is going to be the hardest, coming home without her.  The things I will miss most about her is:

That she still likes to hold my hand or link arms when we walk
That she's not embarrassed to be seen with me, as a parental unit
Our similar taste in music
Our uncontrollable fits of laughter
Nightly hugs and mutual back pops before bed
She is the only one I can truly be myself with and she still likes me
Her constant chatter when she gets home from school
Being able to text her when she's in school
Her ability to still say nice things about people, even when they treat her like crap (in my opinion). This she did not get from me.

Stay tuned for MOVE IN DAY!!!


Mr. Shife said…
I got a little emotional reading this kden as I can only imagine how hard it is for you. I hope you are doing okay. I know I'm going to be the same way when my little people leave the nest. I'm getting upset just thinking about Kyle going to kindergarten next year. Hang in there.

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