Bucket List.......The End

The week following our wonderful brunch we headed back to Idaho to do some hiking. It's a place we stumbled across after looking for Bald Eagles one day in February. Mineral Ridge National Recreational area is a 3.3 hike with the highest points looking over Wolf Lodge Bay and Beauty Bay in Lake Coeur d'Alene. The hike alone wouldn't have been bad, but it was so steep with many switchbacks up and down that by the time we got back to the car I was almost crying. My legs were wobbly and in pain and my toes felt like they were going to poke through the fronts of my shoes. I'd say it was a little over a mile of the steep downhill trail. By the time we got to the car and ate lunch I was spent, done, kaput. It was a beautiful view from the top but I sure would't do it again.

Wolf Lodge Bay
Beauty Bay
The following weekend we headed downtown, just to walk around and take some pictures. We have a lot of beautiful churches and old buildings that are usually only seen as we drive by. Unfortunately it was the same weekend as our annual Pig Out In The Park, which we wanted to stay far away from. We stopped in a coffee place to grab a cup and then went into a fun little store. Later that night, the kid made dinner for us. It was a nothing-fancy-but-nice-day.

We finally got to see our newest Grandson one afternoon, it's been at least a year since we've seen them and have never met the youngest of the clan. So happy they are back home! It wasn't exactly on the bucket list but still.....happy day.
Ima Grandma!
Another day trip that wasn't on our list was a church picnic a short way out of town. The setting was beautiful and I would have loved to stay. The ranch is mostly a venue for weddings although they do rent out the single cabin in Sept. and Oct., but there is a 2 night minimum. Oh well, another nice thought that will never happen.

Grab a cup and meet me on the dock
We saw a lot of movies in between everything else, about 17 in all and the most we've ever seen. Usually it takes us a few years to see that many. The last weekend we took a short drive to Davenport, WA. to have breakfast in a cute little place we spotted after our visit to Fort Spokane. I asked my Mom if she would like to join us and she actually said yes! She hasn't been out for anything fun in years. She didn't want to take her walker but we packed her cane, air supply and extra tank. She needs a stool to get into my van and that's probably the hardest part for her; her hips will probably hurt for a few days. It was a beautiful drive, slightly cloudy and only took 45 minutes. If you're an old timer or even a young person who likes old stuff you would love this place.

Inside the restaurant
My little Mommy sitting on the porch while the kid and I took pics
They have a motel attached to the property and I would like to stay there sometime; each room has it's own theme and is VERY cheap. That's my kind of motel stay.

Even though we did a lot of fun stuff I missed our ocean vacation very much, especially when we were hiking above the lake. I told my daughter that it reminded me of something we would usually do on vacation and then just go back to our cabin at the end of the day. I hope next year we can do a real vacation but a lot depends on our dog. As much as I like the woman that usually watches her, it seems she's taking on more dogs to watch and last time Nellie stayed with her she hurt her paw while jumping out of her SUV after a walk. The next day she couldn't put weight on it so they just left her at home and went for a walk without her. She had told me she had steps for her SUV but then later she said her dog didn't like them so she didn't even try them for Nellie. Slightly upsetting. I don't want to leave her at a kennel and a nicer pet 'palace' could run 85 bucks a night. I love my dog but to spend that much a night when we scrimp for a motel stay.........sigh.

So the bucket list is now over and it's time to move on to more pressing things, like getting the kid to college!


Mr. Shife said…
Way to go taking care of that bucket list. Some most excellent adventures and glad you shared it with us. The hike you took looks amazing and something I would like to try when we are back up north. Hope getting the kiddo off to college went well and you are doing okay with her being gone. Take care kden.

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