So, They Really Need All That Crap?

All summer we have been buying things my daughter will have to take to college to furnish her dorm. Many things we could figure out on our own; computer, bedding, clothing, carpet, towels, washcloths, detergent and fabric softener. You just can't take things from your house, you have to buy new, or buy crap that you wouldn't mind getting lost or stolen. As much as you would like to trust other people in a dorm, they suggest locking cables for your computer and lock boxes.

She's been texting her room mate and just met her recently. I'm glad she is also from Spokane so they had the opportunity to meet first. They have split up the larger items to buy so there are no duplicates. We found a fridge on Craigslist and she picked up a microwave.

Some things I didn't even think of is a full length mirror, mattress pad, shower shoes and caddy, trash can, ear plugs (would be a must for me), first aid kit, thermometer, flashlight, dishes and silverware. The list goes on and on. Some items are considered essential, others are optional.

A person could easily spend about 500 bucks before move-in day and that's not counting a computer. We did go to the dollar store one day and made quite a haul. Things are starting to pile up around the house and we still have 5 weeks to go. Hubby brought home a load of boxes so we're tripping over them too.

And it doesn't matter if we have to travel 30 miles or 300, we still have to get it all in the car. But at least we're close enough that we can bring just the essentials the first time around and make her wait a week or two for other things.

Since she signed up early for her dorm she got some perks like free laundry for the year as well as parking. But she doesn't have a license so we're getting the permit for our car. They didn't say it had to be her car. When her decal came, this brochure also came explaining the different lots and about move-in day. I love their description of a Valid Parking Space, with picture included in case we weren't clear.

It's frightening that they need to explain this to college students
Anybody want to fill in for me on move-in day? Can you imagine over 10,000 students all moving in on the same day? As much as I tell myself that I will be cool, calm, and collected, I'm pretty much sure I will be biting the head off of everyone including hubby, daughter and any college student that gets in my way.


Grumpy said…
Most schools have move-in day down to a science, with assigned times and volunteers to help with physically moving stuff.

All part of the adventure.
Anonymous said…
It's a fun, exciting time in her life. I wish her all the best. And you, too. I have enjoyed your blogging. I'm going to miss it. Good luck to you. I'll be scribbling no more. bill.
kden said…
Bill, I have also enjoyed yours and I will miss you terribly. I hope you pop in now and then as I have always looked forward to your wise words. *OK, gonna go cry now*
fernvalley01 said…
yikes, sounds daunting, but I am sure you will come through fine
Mr. Shife said…
Hope the move goes as smooth as possible. It is quite a stressful event getting all that stuff loaded, unloaded, and then getting organized. Best of luck kden and have a nice weekend.
Claire M. King said…
It's an amazing time in her life...and yours as well when you see how much she grows up.

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