Shaping Up

The last time I wrote about our yard, I was telling you about having to use Round-up to kill off some very invasive Sweet Pea plants. Other than that, I dug in and weeded an area I've always left to my husband, the front rocks where most of the Sweet Pea plants thrived. I figured as long as I'm killing, I may as well be pulling. It's a hard area to work, big rocks you have to work around to find the dirt. Weeds smartly wedge themselves between the rocks and you more often than not have to move them around. It's a brutal area on your knees.

I moan about yard work but once I get started I don't really mind it. I even drug the kid into it this year more than ever. We'd don our grubby clothes, grab tools and buckets and hit it early. I do have limits though, 1 hour is about it or then I start to hate it.

Hubby finally figured out about the Round-up and reluctantly agreed it was the only way. We also have some horrible ground cover in the rocks that looks so pretty for a few weeks in the Spring, then gets all brown and ugly. It's been around the yard since we moved in. It needs to be tamed!! So I spray, let it die back and then pull it out. It will take constant attention though, spraying the new growth that wants to come in. I'm also working on other invasive stuff like Snapdragons, Comfrey and California Poppies. I would rather look at plain dirt than crap that is taking over the world.

From this.......
To this!
There are still Sweet Peas coming up from the roots but if I just keep at them they should be gone permanently soon.

'Behind the fence' is another job. Hubby has been digging out the Sweet Pea, which has deep large roots. Once they're out I have permission to spray the plants when they start coming back, and they will. I'm happy how things have shaped up. Now we just have to keep up with it and cut back the summer stuff before the snow flies. Then, that's a whole other job, ugh.


Grumpy said…
Next time call me, I'm good at supervising.
Claire M. King said…
a homeowners' work is never done.

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