More Winners and Losers

Our Bucket List goes on and we're still keeping busy this summer. More movies and short day excursions.

One day we left our dog at my Mom's not really knowing how long we'd be gone, and headed to Fort Spokane. I don't remember if I had ever been there as a kid but it's very close to my hometown. The fort, established in 1882 lies at the junction of the Spokane and Columbia Rivers. Before the fort came about, Indians were becoming more resistant to the settlers encroaching on their land and wars were breaking out. The fort was built to keep peace between them. As the number of settlers increased, the Indians were outnumbered and no longer a threat. At that time the fort was turned into a boarding school for the Indian children. They were not taken willingly, rather taken away from their families, forced to cut their hair and not speak their native tongue anymore or wear their own clothing; in other words, taught to be like the White Man.

The pictures we saw of the children were very sad and many tried to run away. They were always caught though and forced into prison cells alongside the drunk and disorderly troops that worked at the fort. When tuberculosis became rampant in the area, the fort was turned into a sanatorium for the sick. After Grand Coulee Dam was built, the river canyon below the fort was flooded. The National Park service took over and now only 4 our of the original 45 buildings remain. It was a depressing place for me and you could just feel the sadness of history throughout.
Hubby checking out the building that was last used as the TB ward

After we got the heck out of there, we headed to Porcupine Bay for a picnic but the bees forced us to eat in our car. We drug our hot weary selves to pick up our dog and headed home. It was a long wasted day.

Recently we also visited a local Community College's planetarium. It's only a few years old and I recall the one I used to love visiting in the Portland area as a kid so that's why I wanted to go. It's pretty small inside, maybe seating 50 people. We asked where the best seats were and sat down. There are 4 movies that rotate so we chose one about Black Holes, narrated by Liam Neeson. The movie and the information proceeding it were very interesting. But as I get older I find things less comfortable. To me, the seats were made for very tall men whose heads would fit fine on the headrest. My head had to tip so far back it hurt my neck and I had to use my daughters purse as a lumpy pillow. I saw a lot of people squirming in discomfort too. Plus, people with Vertigo should not visit planetariums. The spinning of the show and forcing your head to be still in one position made for an uncomfortable experience. So I would consider that a so-so visit, good show but poor seats.

The most recent activity and a total thumbs up experience was a Brunch cruise on the Spokane River. The River Queen, a Mississippi sternwheeler leaves from the Templin's Marina in Post Falls, Idaho. Two full hours of a beautiful lazy ride down the river. The boat holds maybe around 100 people and 95% of them were in their 70's and 80's. I suppose a long time ago that would have bugged me but as long as I got fed and had a nice view I was happy. Hubby snagged a small table on the top deck which was a good thing. The lower deck was hot and stuffy with no open windows. The tables were larger so we would probably have to sit with other people. It was breezy and warm on the upper deck. I grabbed us some coffee and was surprised at the amount of alcohol that was already flowing for the old folks. The brunch was alright, nothing stellar but still good and filling.

I couldn't believe the amount of beautiful homes on the river. Homes I could never even afford a slab of sidewalk from.
I'll take that one and that one and that one...
But THE most impressive house I've ever seen is what the locals call the "Amway House" because it was built by Amway tycoon Ron Puryear in 1995. It boasts 29,000 sq feet, 13 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, 10 car garage, weight room, private theater, pool, tennis court, basketball court, salt water pool, virtual skeet and golf. There are 4 other homes on the compound and in 2010 it went on the market for 20 million, although I have seen a more recent listing for 15 million so I don't think it's actually sold yet.

The taxes alone would run 155,000 a year. Just give me a week to live in it, just a week please......

So that was a really great day, one of the best this summer so far. We've got a month to go so stay tuned  for an end of summer report!

Me and my Girl ♥


Anonymous said…
I always found ruins of once thriving places a little depressing. Down here old army forts and ghost towns.
Grumpy said…
Pyramid schemes are lucrative.
Anonymous said…
Why is the Amway house for sale?

Rumor has it that the tycoon cannot afford it anymore.
Claire M. King said…
I am so glad you and the family are taking advantage of these times together.

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