Ignorance 101

In this day and age you would think it would be so simple to debunk stories you read about online. They used to come in email form but now they're spinning fast and furious through Facebook, and they appear to be getting more bizarre. The topics run anywhere from computer viruses to the latest one I've seen on FB about Russians wanting to steal our children. Seriously. It's kept me busy copying and pasting from my favorite website Snopes.com

I used to have a friend who would forward emails to me and ask me if such-and-such was true. I'd tell her it wasn't and give her the link to the story from Snopes and tell her how easy it was to look it up. Over and over she'd keep doing it. It takes 5 minutes people to look something up instead of looking like a fool to forward or share something. Waaaayyyy back when I started using the computer I was guilty of it too, but once I was corrected I never passed on anything again without checking first.

Another friend on FB will share something on my wall and ask me if it's true. What am I, the Stupid Ass Story police? In the time it took her to post the story, she could have learned it for herself. She posted two of them the other night, both Urban Legends. I dropped in the link to debunk one and told her the other wasn't true either. The usual response is "Oh I didn't think so, but ya never know."

Yea, if you look it up, ya DO know. I shouldn't be so trigger happy but dang, I just can't help it. It must be the re-incarnated Schoolmarm in me or something but it just bugs the crap out of me to see untrue stories and not say anything.

Yep, they look like baby stealing pedophiles to me
The Russian story just about made me crack though. This so called woman with a PhD wrote this story about Russian people going door to door asking if there were children in the home/neighborhood. Fear mongers are saying it's a ring of Russian pedophiles trying to steal children. Uh, they are asking if there are children in the home or neighborhood because they are selling books. Nothing more. Just books. This asinine story was shared on FB over 20,000 times just perpetuating the fear.

And how do I know this? Because I bought those said book about 6 years ago when a charming French boy came to the door selling them. Of course we wanted the best study book for our daughter as she entered Middle School. The books are sold through Southwestern, and by students to come to this country to sell them to make money for college. Yes they are a bit pushy but I love me a French accent. And their business practices that allow them to send additional books (because I didn't read the fine print) is a little shady. But that's about the worst of it; no baby stealing involved.

The Russian pedo's stopped by My Lady's house a few weeks ago when I wasn't there. As soon as she described the scenario, I told her about the company. The girl did ask to use the bathroom, which I hear they do and I admit is odd. I have read accounts of people missing medication after the salespeople left the home. I admit this could happen. Smartly, she didn't let her in but her daughter said she should have called the police to report it. Ok, whatever.

There have been many more in our town that have been visited by them and  three of my FB friends are passing on fearful stories. They didn't bother to read the local news story about them and one of the students in particular. No, they would just rather pass on the rumors. But seriously folks, if the whole country is being taken over by baby stealing Russians, why are there no Amber alerts or missing person reports? There should be thousands, right?

So people, just get your facts straight before spreading Bullshit. Because I will go all righteous and set you straight! And that of course is why I have so few friends.


Grumpy said…
My favorite gripe also. It takes just a few minutes to check a story, and yet seemingly smart people just post it on Facebook without ever checking.

The funny part is that, to me anyway, the stories are usually so outlandish they just scream "urban legend".
Anonymous said…
Some people like me are just plain lazy. Lety Kden do it. bB.
fernvalley01 said…
"you can lead a man/ woman to knowledge, but you cannot make him/her think"
Peruby said…
It amazes me how many people just post or re-post without a thought to it. Makes me think the entire world is using facebook while drinking or high.
Your writing style made us laugh. Thanks for being a rational thinker.
kden said…
Southwestern Advantage, thanks for finding me! Glad you enjoyed it. I just like to set unfair/untrue stories right.
Mr. Shife said…
I get forwards from some relatives every now and then with ridiculous stuff that could easily be refuted in a few minutes but they more interested in spreading the ridiculousness. I have tried to let them know but I get the same kind of replies that you do so I just delete them as soon as I see them. Enjoy your weekend, kden.
ethelmaepotter! said…

I have a Snopes-disabled friend who actually prefaces every email with "I checked this out on Snopes, and it's true!" Guess what? 9 times out of 10, when I check her story out on Snopes, I find it's NOT true. What is it with people?????

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