Girls Night Out

Other than my friends, my other favorite girl to hang out with is my daughter. Since her and hubby went camping in June we thought we'd step it up a notch and spend the night in a nice motel; equipped with a pool, wifi, and continental breakfast. That's how we roll! And no boys allowed. She celebrated her 18th birthday recently so it was also part of her gift.

We didn't go far, just off the freeway east of town. But it's far enough so hubby can't find us, ha. We didn't even tell my Mom, she probably thought it would have been foolish. We never did any fun stuff together when I was younger...NEVER. No shopping, girls day, baking cookies, or just plain hanging out. I guess it was a different time, or maybe it was just our family.

I love doing things with my daughter and so far, she feels the same. I feel like a goofy kid when I'm around her. She's the only one I feel I can really be myself with; you know with all the burping and farting. Sorry if I just ruined your image of me :-)

We left early so we could go to the mall and get her some new shoes for school. After getting to the motel we hit the pool. They have been working in the pool area and it was not really up to what I would have liked but we made the best of it. The motel was a little out of the way and although we would have liked to take a walk, we weren't real comfortable with the isolation. So we stayed in and ate the junk food we brought for our dinner and watched a movie on HBO. At least the wifi worked well!

I didn't sleep well due to a hard mattress and the complimentary breakfast didn't look very appetizing so we left early and went out to breakfast. Then she wanted to go to a book store before we headed home.

It wasn't the night we had planned and it wasn't very exciting but at least we got to spend some quality time together which is what we wanted all along.


John Bain said…
Lovely stuff kden. I feel the same way about my son.
fernvalley01 said…
you spent it together and that is what you will both remember
Peruby said…
Yep. That is pretty much how I feel when it is just my daughter and I. Good times!
Grumpy said…
And Hubby is probably happy too.
kden said…
He was happy, especially when he got to eat whatever he wanted. Then he ate too much and wasn't very happy anymore.

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