Dog Dilemas

Grumpy's recent posts about Pitbulls made me realize something. It really isn't about Pitbulls but about dogs in general. I have come to the conclusion that I don't enjoy being a dog owner. Or rather a responsible dog owner. The kind that faithfully walks their dog everyday. I just don't enjoy it anymore.

Carrying my pepper spray I feel like I'm on high alert and my heart is in my throat. I walk 4 different paths and each one takes me by homes with dogs in the yard or on their walks too. Some days I can see or hear at least 10. Some fences are partially chewed through which means some day they will get out. Some dogs look as if they will leap that 4 foot chain link fence easily. All dogs bark but some act like Cujo and Nellie and I walk way out in the street. She knows automatically which house to do that with. Once when she was younger she pulled me up to a fence and stuck her nose in it. The other dog grabbed a hold and wouldn't let go. I had to smack it on the nose before it let go. She was dripping blood for quite awhile. I really couldn't blame the other dog even though I went to the door and told the owner.

Maybe this is what I need; another dog so they
can walk each other
We've been chased and approached so many times out walking. When she was younger I didn't mind much because if it was a playful approach she was always willing to make new friends. But now that she's older she is less tolerant of being sniffed at. The last time she was attacked the dog came running out, made advances near the rear and she turned and nipped him. That's when he clamped down on  her neck and hung on.

The one thing that dog owners say that really bug me is when their dog is off leash and we're walking by and I stop waiting for them to hang on to them so I can pass. They look at me and say "Oh, he's OK". I've said it too and it's stupid. No one can guarantee what their dog will do. Dogs are funny, one wrong look or gesture and it's game on. They have a language all their own. For instance, if one dog raises his head above the other, he's demonstrating dominance. A dog did that to Nellie once and I could see what was coming so I yanked her away.

It's not that I think the other dog is always the bad one. Nellie has done some things that were bad too. Once we were in the front yard doing yard work and the side gate was open. A couple was walking their dog by and Nellie raced through the fence and  leaped off the rock wall to 'greet' the dog. Hubby got down there fast but the owner was pissed, and he had every right to be. It would have scared the crap out of me. And once a little old man used to walk his little dog every day around the neighborhood. One day Nellie was in the front yard with Hubby and as they walked by, Nellie ran down to the sidewalk and got the little dog by the neck. When I heard the story I was appalled! They never walked by again and I felt horrible.

So I don't want to be a responsible dog owner anymore. I want to be a crappy owner and just keep my dog in the backyard day after day like a lot of other people. It just seems safer that way.


Peruby said…
I hear you. It is a lot of work and aggravation.

My daughter and I are very vigilant but if we have a relative staying and they take the dogs outside - the have no clue and do not watch them properly.
Grumpy said…
You hit on the key, keeping control of your dog.
fernvalley01 said…
I never thought about it much , me and the boys are farm kids and we stay on the property, but the one time I did go a dog park... well The country mice WILL NOT be returning
Claire M. King said…
At least you are conscientious. I agree with your statement that no one can guarantee their dog may or may not act properly all the time. After all, they are quite human, right?
Mr. Shife said…
I can totally relate. There are days when I just want to tell Tank to go walk himself. Unfortunately, I have to walk him every day for at least 30 minutes or he will get too aggressive and probably do something bad to my kids. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it but for now I am going to keep it up because I love that damn dog. Have a good weekend kden.
kden said…
I guess that's what it boils down to Mr. Shife; the love for those damn dogs!

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