What A Bonehead

No, this is not another post about my husband. It's the tale of a middle age woman who should know better and has to admit Once In A Blue Moon that she is a BONEHEAD.

One Friday recently when I was almost done working at My Lady's house, I was trying to shut the garage after bring groceries in. The door would get hung up from what it looked like on the top. So I took an old golf club and whacked around a bit and kept trying to close it. No go. I looked on one side at the electric eye and knew nothing was blocking it.

I went in with the bad news and told her it wouldn't shut and asked if she had a 'garage guy'. Being a recent widow, she really had no clue who her husband would call so I grabbed the phone book and started looking. Being a 3 day weekend, I didn't want the garage door hanging open until her daughter could take a look at it. We found one that did emergency visits 24 hours a day so she gave them a call. He could be there in 30-45 minutes and I offered to stay over until he got there. It was easier for me to explain things rather than her go go out to the garage.

He got there very quickly and I showed him the top where it seemed to bow before popping back up. He had me push the button a few times so he could watch and then he called me over to see the problem. A tall skinny stick had slipped behind the track and was sticking out, blocking the door. A stick I had placed there. I use it to prop open the big blue recycle can so I can put stuff in it. When I'm done I put the stick up against the wall and it must have fallen over part way.

"Oh, sh........", I said explaining that I was the one who had done it and how stupid I now felt. He felt bad but said he still had to charge for a service call so he decided to spray some lubricant and tighten some screws to make it look better. Just then My Lady had come in the garage and I told her about the stick and blamed it on the wind. How terrible am I??? I told her what I use the stick for and where I put it. And who knows, maybe the wind did whip things around?

She just said she was glad it wasn't the door and it was good to get those things taken care of anyway. She offered to pay me for the extra hour I stayed but I said no. Now that would have been terrible. I have definitely learned my lesson and will be more thorough next time when encountering a problem and not be in such a damn big hurry!


fernvalley01 said…
dang! hate it whan stuff like that happens!
Grumpy said…
A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
bill said…
Anyone might have done the same things. Things happen and doesn't mean it's your fault. It happens to all of us. Forget it... Doesn't matter.
Mr. Shife said…
So sorry kden. Definitely been there done that. Glad it all worked out well and the only thing that was really hurt was your pride. Enjoy your weekend my friend.
Peruby said…
Oh yeah. We have all done something like this. Usually more than once. It does make us feel like a fool, and sounds to me like you had two people who understood and did not make you feel even sillier.

Now when somebody says in the future something stupid they did, you can say "Oh, yeah? Well, listen to this one!" LOL!

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