Me So Bad

You all know that my husband and I disagree about....well, just about everything. This time it's outside plants. He loves and brings home any plant he can get a hold of, like little kids bring home stray animals. His pat answer when I ask him where he's going to put it is, "Behind the fence".

Our backyard is fenced off and there is a little strip behind the back fence about 4 feet wide which consists of rocks, some dirt, many weeds, and too many damn plants.

We are both guilty of planting things that get too invasive and we end up taking them out. Many years ago someone gave him a start of Sumac but warned him to keep it away from anything you cherish because it will send out runners. Of course he didn't listen and put it in the front yard in a rocky area that is very hard to do anything with. It was a beautiful tree in the fall and daughter and I hung our plastic Easter eggs on it every year but then it started sending runners into the lawn. It took him a few years to finally accept that fact and he had to work diligently on the new trees in our lawn with a killer of some kind to get rid of them. Then the tree came down and the stump had to be treated too.

One year he wanted poppies in the flower beds, just your ordinary California poppies. I call them weeds. With seeds the size of pepper they scatter everywhere and now even 5 years later I have a whole new crop every year to dig out in places he never planted them in.

Only 3 plants, may as well be 30
My big blunder is when I brought home some perennial Sweet Pea plants. Same warning, watch where you put them, they're invasive. Several years later they are more like bushes in the rocks and I can't see over them from the stop sign when I'm trying to cross the street in my car. I'm sure other people are not happy about it either. After the flower blooms the seed pods pop open and new plants grow from the seeds. We have more plants than just the first few original ones.

I asked him last year to do something about them, he didn't. So I took matters into my own hands when he wasn't home one night. First I whacked down the most offending one and realized what a massive root structure it had and there was no way I could pull/dig it out. Out comes the Round Up and I start spraying. The others I just got to the root base as best I could and sprayed.

He noticed that I had whacked the one and said "You did a good job but I was going to do it".

"Uh huh" I mumbled without telling him that I had just committed murder on them too. A few days later the whacked one showed some brown foliage but the others didn't look any different, so I hit them again with the killer juice. He went out and 'trimmed' them back a little but it still doesn't help the problem.

So little by little when I can get away with it, I will continue hacking and applying the Round Up until most of them are dead. I'm not sure what hubby will say but I'm sure he'll have a fit. Maybe I can convince him that they got a dreaded Sweet Pea disease and croaked. There are many more growing 'behind the fence' so he can just keep his 'babies' there along with the rest of the orphans he's brought home.


bill said…
I know the feeling. I have two I have to watch. My wife is always bringing something someone gave here to plant or transplant and my son wants to grow a garden in our backyard. I have abandon the back to them.
Grumpy said…
You're a serial plant killer. I hope they haunt your dreams.

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