Grad Night 2013--The End

~~First of all, everyone sing a little Happy Birthday ditty to Kden. Kden is 55 today. Kden doesn't know how she feels about that but knows there is nothing she can do to change it, so let't move on.~~

My year stint on the Grad Night committee is officially over. I'm proud that I hung in there even though I never felt that I fit in at the meetings. There were a few women in different groups that I liked but other than that I'm sure I won't be chummy with any of them.

I went to all but 3 meeting and tried to contribute what I could. I'd say I helped out more than most but not as much as many of the Moms that have done this before. They just knew what to do and got the job done. My contributions were mostly by going to the money raising events such as the wine social or Panda Express. Hubby and I got donations for the wine social. We got rid of a lot of stuff for the big yard sale and I helped price, organize items (3 hours in the hot sun!) and even worked it. I'm proud that I didn't bring home more stuff home than we got rid of. Other people's crap is always better than your own but I restrained myself.

this is only half of it, lots of clothes around the corner to the left

By the end of all the fund raising, our little group ended up with over $16K profit after all the entertainment was paid for. All of that was spent for the prizes for the all-nighter.

I'd say it wasn't all that horrible but I wouldn't do it again. It's an incredible amount of work and I applaud the mostly Moms that worked so hard to bring this night together. One Mom in particular was on 3 committees including 2 of the largest. She's a workhorse for sure, she put Tony to shame. He tried to help do some setup for the yard sale and she wouldn't let him do much, probably thought he was too old, ha.

But I did sign him up to work the 1:00 to 3:00 am shift at the Karaoke station. Wasn't that nice of me? I thought it would be good for him and then  he'd be able to bring daughter home when the event was over at 4:00. Someone needs to help her bring all her bounty home. But alas, she didn't win anything. Everyone got 50 bucks as they walked out the door so she broke even because that's how much tickets were. Hubby said there wasn't even a Karaoke machine there so he worked another room and some kids were so rude and immature. Sure a far cry different from the Grad ceremony hours earlier with all the wonderful speeches and nice/polite kids.

I worked my hour and-a-half shift checking in 200 kids at the school. We had to check their bags, put numbered bands on their wrist and bag so no one else could get in their stuff after check in. I have never stuck my hands in so many bags in my life. Why girls needed to bring a gallon of perfume to an all nighter is beyond me. But everyone complied without complaining. It took a lot longer than anticipated and I had to text hubby to bring down a big flashlight. The school lights weren't on outside and it was getting hard to see. I could see a beacon of light hobbling down the street, so we finished up and didn't get home until 10:30. Daughter texted me until they got there, I think she was nervous but overall she had a really good time.

I'm sure there were things that worked well and things that didn't but each class keeps a big binder and then passes it down to the next class for next year. But for me, thankfully there will not be a next year!


Peruby said…
You sure that was perfume in those bottles?
Grumpy said…
I hope the kids appreciate the work all of you put in for them, but I doubt it.

Perfume? Sure it was.
fernvalley01 said…
ell done! and hurrah that it is over
bill said…
For all you did and didn't do, we'll done. You got a daughter graduated, you participated where you could, and no doubt your daughter was proud of you. That's all that matters.
bill said…
Mr. Shife said…
Excellent work, kden, and glad it went well. And happy belated birthday too. Have a fabulous weekend.

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