Computer Cooties

A few weeks ago my computer did its usual updates but decided I should have IE 10 too, so it didn't even ask me and went right ahead. I noticed that things were acting a little goofy such as pictures wouldn't load in Facebook and Hotmail would crash if I tried to attach a picture. And so I started messing around and pretty much screwed up everything. And believe me, this is the condensed version.

First I uninstalled IE 10, big mistake. I thought 9 would still be sticking around but nope I was left with no browser at all. Whooops. So then I rolled my computer back to an earlier time which might have worked but I still had auto update turned on so when I took it back, it re-installed it again. Damn. But I figured if I downloaded Google Chrome which I have heard good things about then I could have two browsers. It seemed like a good fix and we were all getting along; until I started my computer the next morning. It started chkdsk which you know is never a good sign. There were so many registry errors and then when it rebooted, I basically got a page with 3 choices. Back up your shit in case you get in trouble, try rolling back your machine, or just forget it 'cause you're screwed. I basically ended up with the last choice in the end although I did back up my files.

I immediately emailed the computer guy that I had used before but he lives 30 minutes away and I am too impatient (sort of why I got in a fix in the first place). He didn't get back to me either which I thought was odd, so I moved on to Craigslist. I saw an ad for someone that I have seen a lot so I know he's been around awhile. It was Sunday and I was able to get my computer to his house right away, he lived about 20 minutes away. I think he was German and a little hard to understand but I muddled through. He had a Pitbull and his house smelled like dog pee. This was a good start. He pulled out my hard drive and said it was still good, so he started pulling off my files because I had forgotten my disks. Damn.

He said it would done the next day so I left. Happily I picked it up the next afternoon and he showed me a few things that he put on it; Google Chrome, 2003 Office Suite, TuneUp Utitlities, CCleaner, AVG, and SuperAntiSyware. All that stuff is OK I guess but I was happy with AVG and Malwarebytes and Open Office from Apache. He also put a pic on the desktop of his choice and made a lot of changes that I would never want like making the computer turn off when you shut the lid. I like to shut my lid to make it go to sleep and keep the dust out, not to turn it off. It's like he set it up for his use when any other computer guy asks how I like it. I guess it kind of irritated me.

His CL ad reads 49.99 a job no matter how long it takes him IF you take/deliver your machine. It's 69.99 if he comes and gets it. He charged me the higher price as well as 5 bucks for a rescue disc and 20 bucks for the Tuneup Utilities. I agreed to the two extra charges but didn't question the extra 20 on his initial charge until later.

When I got home I noticed that I had no way to use my touchpad. He hates touchpads and hooked up his mouse to work on it. The driver was just gone. I called him and he just kept saying "That's weird", with no real answer. He told me how to find the driver online and install it. It took me awhile but I got it. It was a newer update so the settings window didn't look familiar at all and I couldn't get it to scroll on the pad. I was so flustered and confused that I called him again. He said I should bring it back and I said NO, he could come over here; I wasn't driving there again because he had charged me for HIS time.  He then tried to tell me that $69.99 is his 'normal' price. He arrived soon-with beer breath-to take a look. Since he uses a mouse he really didn't know what he was looking at either. So after we argued for awhile--me telling him I wasn't happy and him telling me I should just use a mouse--he left. It was working enough for me to figure it out on my own. I finally got it to scroll with 2 fingers but it is definitely different than the way it used to be. Then with a more recent update it's back to its normal one finger scrolling self. I also put all setting to the way I like them and turned off auto updates because I'll be damned, it put 9 and 10 back on. I deleted 10 and disabled 9.

His ad brags that people are very satisfied with his work and leave positive reviews on his BBB listing. I didn't file a complaint with BBB but left a very detailed negative review. It hasn't stopped him though, he's still posting daily ads.

I think I will just have to lose Bennie's number. I don't like being argued with and changes made that I didn't ask for. And a guy whose been in business since 1989 should really understand how a touchpad works, I think they're going to be around awhile.

And I still might have to take it somewhere else. I can't get it to set up a restore point or back up my files. Damn Bennie!


Grumpy said…
Maybe ask friends who they use. I don't trust guys advertising on Craigslist.

Or do what we did after 1 PC desktop and 3 laptops, all of which developed problems. Switch to Apple.
bill said…
I understand completely. Getting a computer back working right is a pain. My own computer sits here now, his smily face turned upside down into frown, not speaking to me, watching me use the Pad thing. I feel guilty.
Peruby said…
I found this site:

Hope it helps.

What an ordeal for you. Good luck.
kden said…
That's why I hire people Peruby; just looking at that page made me sweat.
Claire M. King said…
He sounds like an ass who didn't deserve you NOT saying anything with the BBB. Check and see if he Twitters and slam him there or if he has a FB page, curtly state your dissatisfaction with services. I was pissed at my Stanford Who's Who site recently and tweeted a few snotty questions: Is anybody over there taking care of the Malware infection?" Thing like that. Doubt they read it anyway-but it felt good.

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