Oops I Did It Again

If you recall last year about this time I wrote about the neighbors kitty corner across from us and their messy yard. Well, they forced my hand again by setting up shop with a perpetual yard sale. Who doesn't love a yard sale? But when it goes on and on and that's the view we have to look at everyday, I had to do something. I could tell they were making it a permanent situation by putting up wooden signs on both main streets and bring more crap to the house to sell. This wasn't a weekend sale, it was starting to look like a store. They taped a big price sheet on the garage and had large pieces of furniture behind their garage. Crap they weren't selling was stacking up on the corner. That brings more riff-raff around and they start throwing it into the alley and breaking it up. Traffic was getting more congested and their 'customers' were parking on the side of the street where parking is not allowed. Our side streets are very narrow and hard enough to get through on a school day.

They even started putting the dogs back in the back yard instead of the front which was so wonderful because I rarely heard them all last year. Now I have to hear their barking again. I think I'll just write a nice letter this time since I can't complain to animal control again.

I went to our cities code enforcement website and learned that you can only have 2 yard sales a year and 3 days in duration. I'm sure a lot of people don't abide by that and I wouldn't have a problem with 3 or 4 a year but everyday for weeks? And I knew it would be an all summer thing. We finally got rid of the Lemonade Kids and this was just as bad.
Hubby nicknamed it Hillbilly Flats

I printed off the complaint form and detailed every infraction and even added 'general nuisance' as one. I was on a roll. Code enforcement probably got on it within a week because the yard sale stopped almost immediately. The two twin mattresses they starting using for a fence (really?) came down pretty darn quick too.
Closed, please come back tomorrow

I don't even care anymore if they know it's me doing the complaining. By law, if they ask, code enforcement has to tell them unless we feel we are in danger by ratting them out. I feel annoyed, not in danger. The yard is finally shaping up and now they have put up their lovely blue pool. I don't understand why the crappiest of yards have the nicest pools. Really, I'm not making this up. Drive through any crappy neighborhood and you will see a crop of nice blue pools.

I'm starting to feel like Andy Rooney now so I better go. I need to put together my new lawn swing. I hear that's what all the well kept yards are putting up this year.


Grumpy said…
Nice job. You're right, 3-4 times a year and nobody cares; a perpetual yard sale is a nuisance.

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