My Senior Project

I'm not sure how long this has been a tradition at my daughter's school but on Grad Night the kids get a tri-fold poster from their family. The poster contains photos and memories about each child in whatever theme they want. Some may choose to do the project together with their kids but I decided to make it in secret. She knows I'm making it, but doesn't know my theme. The Grad Night committee is selling kits in either sports or music themes to help those parents out to make it easier. Well since my kid does none of those things I decided to come up with my own idea and go with it. I told her it would be unique like her and mostly family oriented.

The idea of Time just popped in my head; as in passing time, and it just evolved around that. I already had chronological pictures in a file on my computer that I was going to use for something else so I printed those off. I found some cool artwork on line that I had printed to use for the circle background. I was going to put hands of a clock on but liked the artwork instead. The title was easy and the rest was just placing the pictures. I gave hubby the job of thinking of all the things we have done since she was born. Those words fill the sides of the tri-fold. It was so much fun to make it and I'm really happy how it turned out. I especially love how her birth picture slightly overlaps her Senior photo. I hope she will keep it for years to come.

The posters will all be taken to the place where they are having the all-nighter and hung up before they arrive. I wish I could be there to see them all. But since I'm a baby and like my sleep I'll be checking in the kids at the school early and not working the event. But I bet that if they were giving out grades to the parents for their projects, I'd get an A. Just sayin'.


Grumpy said…
Well done. This is something she will show her kids and grandchildren.
bill said…
I marvel at some of the ingenuity parents exhibit, not only in projects like you have described, but in craftsmanship generally. I'm sure if I were judging and or grading such an event, you'd get an A. Well done.
kden said…
She doesn't even want kids.....sigh :-(
Claire M. King said…
I love it! I bet your daughter does too.
Mr. Shife said…
I would give an A+. Awesome job, kden, and your daughter will love it as it is absolutely fantastic. What a great idea and tribute to your daughter. A job well done. Have a great weekend.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely beautiful! Amazing and creative - qualities that run in your family.

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