In A Blink Of An Eye

We're getting pretty used to changes around here lately. Well not really, but what choice do we have?

After our last visit to EWU campus our daughter was getting more used to the idea of going there. In the meantime we had been getting mail regarding a special Honors program at the local community college; one to which she had applied and already been accepted (to the college that is). The American Honors is a special program with less than 200 kids accepted and she was urged to apply. We threw them away after setting our sights on Eastern. But they were persistent and called me to explain the program. Hubby and the kid went to an informational meeting and then explained the program to me. The kids take all honor classes in smaller settings and it included a lot of classes online too. They have an advisor for those two years who helps them pick their major when transferring. Both of them got excited about it but she still had to fill out a separate application for it which could take up to a month to decide upon.

I was still for Eastern because she would be forced to socialize and not be in the comfort of the little cocoon of her house. I feel that's more important than her scholastic needs. She's been scholastic all her life, now it's time to move on and be social and join the real world. Hubby and I were already clashing and she hadn't even filled out the app yet. We were also on a time crunch with deadlines for Eastern. Everything you do has certain deadlines to accept or deny and we have to keep moving.

I was secretly hoping she would not get into the Honors Program but we found out last week that she was accepted; damn, there goes my plan. But still there are more forms to fill out, and we had no financial aid info to compare to Eastern, which is very important when you're choosing a college. Tick tock tick tock.

But the big game changer is that over last weekend we learned that my oldest step-son, who is currently an assistant Chem teacher in California just got hired at........................EASTERN! Now that the younger son has moved away he wanted to be closer to their mom, which will also have his wife closer to her family too. And we might actually get to see those Grandchildren grow up. So in a blink of an eye, things change.

On Wednesday we went to another informational meeting for the kids and their families that were accepted into the American Honors program. I wanted to see first hand what it was all about. And besides they were serving food. I don't think I learned anything more than I had already heard or read about and they were really pushing us to sign the intent form. We still can't get any financial aid info until we fill out more forms. I asked our daughter if she had any different feelings or leaned anything more. She said although the program sounds amazing, she felt that being away from home will help her more in the future. I asked if that's how SHE really felt or was she saying it just because that's how I feel. She said she understands it's important to get out into the real world. I just want her to stand on her own two feet and not be a puppet for anyone, including me.

Then yesterday we had a meeting with the guy we hired to help us fill out the FAFSA and guide us on the college journey. I'm not sure our 1300 bucks was well spent but at the time I suppose we thought it was. I could see if a kid had applied to several colleges, they would help you understand each financial aid offer and steer you in the right direction of which was the best one. But since we had only two offers on the table, and one was out of state, it was a pretty easy decision and basically took about 5 minutes. Other than filling out the FAFSA he gave us a couple good pieces of advice; that's about it. But what's done is done and she's on her way and all I have to say is: GO EAGLES!!


Grumpy said…
Congratulations to everyone. A big step in life.

My granddaughter was very shy in high school and barely socialized until her senior year; even then she seemed behind the other kids socially.

Once she went away to college she just blossomed, joined a sorority, got a part time job and loves everything about it. Practically a different person.

Hopefully your daughter will spread her wings and fly.
kden said…
Thanks Grumpy, that makes me feel a whole lot better. I think it will be a good fit for her.
Mr. Shife said…
Congrats to you, your daughter and your family. Definitely a load off your mind I imagine. Eastern is a good school. My brother-in-law coached football there for 5 years and loved it. I think your daughter will be very happy there. Take care.
fernvalley01 said…
Congrats to your daughter for achieving the honors program! Well done, I think she will do well wherever she goes but if time to spread her wings is now, Go for it girl! you must be so proud
Claire M. King said…
Yea! I am glad she has made that choice. There will be room for scholastic advancement programs within the college, I bet. My daughter had the same types of scholar programs in HS and college-especially when she excelled in college-I bet Faith does the same thing. Living the college life will definitely help her grow to be a well rounded person. Whew hew! Go Eagles! Go Faith!

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