The Bitter Pill Is Now A Little Sweeter To Swallow

After the debacle of my winning trip to Alaska last fall I have really been down. I won't bore you with the whole stinking story again but I still feel like I was robbed.

I took that action to write and speak to Jeff, from Miller Coors. I spelled out the whole trip, not leaving out any details, as to why I should not have to pay taxes on the full value of the trip when in fact we did not get a whole trip.

I didn't get my 1099 this year for tax purposes so called the marketing company in charge of promoting the contest. She explained that since they will be cutting me a check this year, I won't get a 1099 until tax time next year.

Finally, last week I got my check for $1633.00! I would have liked a breakdown on how they came to that amount and I don't even know what the trip will eventually be valued at, but she said it was reduced quite a bit. So it kind of seems like this trip really cost me nothing as this check will cover any taxes that I will have had to pay on it.

It makes me feel a little better and I will stick it into savings until next year because it might have to be used for college. As soon as I got the check, I wrote Jeff an email thanking him for working with me and authorizing the check and change in value of the trip. It was something he didn't have to do so I'm glad I was persistant to make something good out of a bad situation. I also told him that if he was going this year and needed a guest I'd be happy to go with him. I haven't heard back from him and think they are all so tired of me but hey, you can't blame a girl for trying.

All in all, I'd go back in a heartbeat.......


Grumpy said…
An instance where a company stood up and did the right thing. I'll be sure to have a Coors next time.
bill said…
I'm glad things have worked out. Still sometime it's good to get some of this stuff off your chest. That's the stuff of life and why we like to read you.

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