Maybe There's Hope After All

I just had to share this. It was written by a boy that goes to school with my daughter. I was so impressed; it gives me hope for the future. What's sad though is that this kid has 500 FB friends and only 5 people liked it and only two (one of which was my daughter) made a comment. He seems to get it and the other 495 don't.
My beliefs are so different; it looks like an untrimmed tree with branches protruding out in every which direction. 
I believe in little things, such as right and wrong, and religion, but I also believe in rugged individualism and disagree with most political parties; beliefs that start debates and arguments with people. All of these beliefs make up who I am as a person and how I view life and the world around me. How can I tell you about one of my beliefs when there’s thousands?

I believe everyone is born initially good, and become bad when they have ideas introduced into their mind. I believe we are all equal, regardless of skin color, race, religion, sexuality, or social status. I believe in second chances. I believe in learning life lessons the hard way so you never forget how it felt or how you made someone else feel or even make the same mistake twice, even if it requires some suffering.
I believe that every storm runs out of rain eventually.
I believe we are not free, rather, prisoners of our own mind; always falling for the lies our mind tells us, such as, you’re too fat, or you’re not pretty enough, when in reality, we’re all great in someone’s eyes.
I believe guilt is a powerful motivator.
I believe it is our duty as human beings to do something good in the world. I believe hunger is not always about the lack of food, but the ambition and desire for something. I believe in opportunity. I believe in taking risks, because, how will you ever experience adrenaline rushes or fear, excitement when you succeed or sadness when you fail?
I believe the true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good, and true character is found when no one’s looking.
I believe that we are not the most perfect country in the world, although many people will argue until they’re blue in the face otherwise. And I, in fact, am part of the worst generation ever, not by choice, but by default since my generation doesn’t live by the same values that my parents and grandparents lived by. In our generation, kids have no respect for adults, no common sense, no desire for education, are not grammatically correct, and could care less about the future, yet still care more about sex, booze, and drugs.
I believe in humility and in integrity. I believe actions speak louder than words.
All these beliefs are as meaningless as a drop of water in the sea if not lived by. As Americans, we don’t seem to believe in anything anymore. We don’t believe in morals or values, but instead in technology and social networking sites. I want to go back to a time when we fought for what was right, not for what was easy.
Parents could let their kids play outside all day without checking in on them, without having to worry about rapists, perverts, or murderers. People didn’t lock their doors at night or have security systems, not because security systems were nonexistent at the time, but because stealing was considered wrong and far less people did it. We made sacrifices for others, not for a reward, or to be famous, but because we cared about them.

I want to go back to a time when there was a difference between cash and credit cards, which falsely lead us to believe that we actually have money. Look at what it has done to our once thriving economy. These are the times Americans should be proud to speak of.
You never see any of the good things people do in the news, instead, all the terrible events like school shootings and murders dominate the media, which scares us into believing it happens regularly, although it seems to be happening more and more frequently.
I can almost guarantee that when someone asks what you believe in, nothing will come to mind at first, but the more you think about it, the more you truly realize how much you actually believe in. Beliefs are things that you life by regularly; not something you preach to your friends.
This I believe.
~~~~~George B.

You're going places George, I know it!


And he has a great first name George and the initial B. Hey this might be my son!
I hope you are well kden. Sorry I haven't been around much lately.
Claire M. King said…
Nice story/letter from George. Good for him for proclaiming his beliefs.
bill said…
Reading this I thought it was you telling what you believe instead of George, and I was going to tell you I used to know what I believed. George did good.
Grumpy said…
Very commendable for one so young; check back with him in 20 years after life has tossed him around a little.
Anonymous said…
Very powerful words from one so young - I am impressed and heartened that at least one (two including your daughter!) young person has a good head on their shoulders.

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