Time To Go!

The same day that my last post went up, I went to the hospital as usual. Mom had been doing a lot better the last few days and she told me that PT had stopped in that morning. They ran her through the paces of walking, sitting, standing, and even stairs. The girl told her that if she went to rehab, that's all they would do for her, and she was doing so well that she could pass Go and and just go Home. We were ALL quite surprised when just a week ago we were discussing DNR's.

But the next day as I was hurrying around, buying groceries and getting things ready at her house, she had started bleeding again. By late afternoon when I was still expecting the call to go and get her, she called on the verge of tears. I raced to the hospital and the nurses in communication with whatever doctor was on duty, said that it wasn't that bad but they should keep her another day. That evening she called and said they may do the angio in the morning. WTH? Another text and phone calls go out to my brothers, both of them feeling as bad as I was.

She called early the next morning and explained the mass miscommunication going on at the hospital. They have a big whiteboard in each room where the shift nurses can put their names, write down any diet changes, etc. One nurse had written that she should be put back on clear liquids and -possible angio tomorrow. No doctor came in to see her, she had to look at that board the rest of the day and through the evening. That's all she had to go by for information. When the morning nurse finally came in, she explained that the angio would only be done if after she got home and bleeding intensified. So again my brother had taken the day off for nothing and all plans to get her home were back on. Overall her care was good at the hospital but when so many people are tending to one person, the misinformation is alarming. She spent an extra day of depression and fear for nothing. She also chewed out the nurse when she saw her; good for her!

Finally at 4:00 pm we rolled in front of her abode and I got her in the house. She flopped in a chair and we slowly took care of some bills piled up on her table and she worked on getting her land legs back. She has VNA lined up for home visits to continue to check blood counts and give her some P.T. I stayed until 8:00 pm and even brought my Friday night popcorn dinner while she ate roasted chicken that I had bought for her. It was actually enjoyable just sitting around shooting the breeze watching TV and I was able to get a weak wifi signal from her mobile park office. She even picked up her iPad to take a look around at what she had missed. Definitely a good sign.

Through the weekend both of my brothers were there to see her and help her out. Her Grandson and his wife came from Seattle and we dropped in yesterday to get her some dinner. Her first P.T. went well and he figures twice a week for two weeks should do it. She is definitely on the road to recovery but I think she feels a little anxious about being alone, even though she has a Life Alert necklace. I hope in time she'll get back to her old self and doing the things she enjoys.


Grumpy said…
Here's hoping she is back to herself soon.
fernvalley01 said…
Glad she is home and doing better
Claire M. King said…
Being home will hopefully help her mend quickly. Good luck and prayers to you all.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad to hear she is on the road to recovery and I hope it is a quick one. Good luck with everything and I am glad she is doing better. Take care keen.

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