I Will Never Be A Socialite

I guess wine tasting events are just not my thang.....  Another fundraiser for the the 2013 Grad Night, the event has been planned for quite awhile. For the small amount of people that actually show up for meetings, there must be many more people behind the scenes that still pull their weight.

A wine vendor was picked. Silent auction items were procured and I'm proud to say that hubby and I helped out in that department. All items were bundled into beautiful baskets and then placed on tables with a minimum bid. There must have been at least 60 baskets, I was quite impressed. I bid but didn't get anything :-( They also had raffles during the night but didn't win there either.

And the food, oh my! But the food almost didn't happen. Two days before the event, the one single person who was going to donate ALL of the food, suffered a major heart attack. A call went into action and emails for help went out to the parents. The group couldn't afford to put any more money out so it was up to us. I did my share and delivered food to the group leaders home and she was happily cooking in her kitchen. I would have left town at this point, I don't do well under pressure. But her and her team pulled it off beautifully.

I bought tickets for a friend and I because I didn't want to work it, it seemed like the less of two evils. Barb (the one who went to Alaska with me) just planned to meet me there. Another long time friend bought two tickets for her and a friend but she was sick and couldn't go. I really wanted to see her so was bummed about that. I had also sold two tickets to my neighbors (yes, those neighbors).

As we entered, got our wine glass and program, we first found a table. We chose a small one so we wouldn't have to sit with as many strangers. They had music and the place packed quickly so it was hard to carry on a conversation. We looked at all the baskets and placed our lowly bids on a few knowing we would probably be outbid. We hadn't even started on the wine yet but I could smell alcohol. Barb had started drinking before she even got there! Really? You have to get drunk to face an evening with me? Well, alrighty then.

We got some food, twice, and had a little wine poured for us. And I do mean little, about a thimble-full to be exact. I shouldn't have expected more but I did. All of those little sips didn't even add up to a full glass. So mostly we sat, couldn't carry on a conversation, and didn't win anything. We each did buy the same bottle of wine because we liked it. I could tell that by 8:45 she was getting bored and restless so I told her she could go. She had told me that she had many invitations for the same night and I just had the idea that if she had not obligated herself early, she would have been elsewhere. Ouch.

So there I sat, all by myself with two empty wine glasses. They were etched with the school's name and this years graduation date, so she had no need for it. I would have left too but I had trays that I didn't want to lose track of so I had to wait for at least another hour. The neighbors had left early too but he's not a wine drinker. They probably hit a real bar on the way home. They were both very impressed with the event and bought 3 bottles of wine so I thanked them for their support. He said "anything for your daughter". I thought that was nice. See, we can get along ;-)

I said Hi to quite a few of the parents I see at the meetings. I was greeted with blank stares, like "who are you?" Oh well, such is my life. When things were over, I scurried around and grabbed as many of my trays as I could find. Did I bring 8 or 9? I couldn't remember. I know they didn't use one big one so hopefully I came home with all of them. On my way out I grabbed another glass that someone had put down. What the Hell, I had to get something out of it. Now we have one for each of us.

I'm glad I went, if only to support the Seniors, but I sure didn't have any fun. I guess I have attended my first and last wine tasting social. And I surmise Barb went off to find a more exciting event.


Peruby said…
That sounds like a weird social event. I am not a big wine drinker either but I wanted to be (it sounds romantic). I gave up.

Hey, you did your part and you pulled your weight (sounds like you probably did more than your share).

Kudos to you. We all have some kind of social blah we have to attend now and again, I guess.
Grumpy said…
Here's what I do at things like this: Pick a table with strangers, ask if you may join them, and then start talking to everyone. It forces you out of your shell and you might meet some interesting people.

The more you do it, the easier it gets.
fernvalley01 said…
that sucks, it sounds like it could have been a great event but something got missed. Nice that the neighbors showed some support
bill said…
Like Grumpy I engage everyone in conversation. If it does nothing else it help get you through the evening.
Peruby said…
At some point in my life I also did what Grumpy/Bill said to do.

Now, they can't shut me up. My mind wanders and so does my mouth.

People run from my table. Huh.

But they never forget me. :)
Claire M. King said…
Good for you kden. You supported the event an many levels. That's what makes these things successful. My youngest is the only one of my three kids who participated in grad night. I, like you, was a reliable parent. The social gatherings don't bother me as I can generally strike up a conversation with anyone. You probably made your daughter feel good. That is what counts!
Mr. Shife said…
Sorry that it did not turn out as well as it could have kden, but at least you made the best of it. And I am sure your daughter certainly appreciates it.

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